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Who the Dolphins Could Draft in the First Round

Who the Miami Dolphins Could Draft with Their First Round Pick

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins come into this year’s draft with many needs that should be addressed by the front office this offseason. Due the trades with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Houston Texans, the Dolphins have two first round picks. We will take a look at who the Dolphins could draft with their picks in April.

First, Tua Tagoviloa, is the obvious choice if he falls to the Dolphins at five. The Alabama quarterback has been the talk of the town since the previous offseason, being the draft pick that fans and the media alike all thought the Dolphins were tanking for. Well, the Dolphins did not tank but may still get Tua with the number five pick. Tua is an exceptional quarterback who has had an amazing career with the Crimson Tide but also went down with an ankle injury early in the season followed by a hip injury in November that sidelined him for the rest of the season. While these injuries may knock Tua down in the draft it lines him up to be drafted by the Dolphins without having to trade assets to only go up a few spots, as would have previously been the case.

Another quarterback that could be in play for the Dolphins is Jake Fromm. The Dolphins would not draft Fromm at Five but would most likely use their 18 overall pick that they got from Pittsburgh in exchange for Minkah Fitzpatrick. Fromm has had a solid career at the University of Georgia. In the 2019 season, Fromm had a 60.8 completion percentage, with 24 touchdowns and only five interceptions, as well as 2,860 yards. These stats were a great way for Fromm to finish his college career and give him a good resume to get into the NFL. However, it’s clear to see that Fromm is not the next coming of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. His arm is not the rocket arm that many teams want, his speed isn’t that of Lamar Jackson, but he is an accurate passer, who is still calm and accurate when he is under pressure from the opposing defense. That alone is something that takes many NFL quarterbacks years to develop, in Fromm’s case he is coming into the league with this skill already in his back pocket. Fromm would give a good backup plan for the Dolphins if they want a good quarterback without paying the Top 5 Pick money that will come with drafting Tua.

If the Dolphins want to go in another direction with their number 18 pick, one of the key pieces for the Dolphins to pick up would be an offensive lineman. Other then Center, the Dolphins need all the help they can get at any of the offensive line positions. Offensive tackle is a great place to start for the Dolphins, and a key player for the Dolphins to keep an eye on is Andrew Thomas of Georgia. Thomas has been a key reason as to why Fromm has had a solid college career. In the 2019 season Thomas way a key player in the Notre Dame game between the Fighting Irish and the Bulldogs. Also, Thomas is a stellar run blocker, which would allow the Miami offense to develop even more with a better chance of a good running game for the Dolphins.

The combine will give a better idea of who the team should go after in April, but Dolphins have the ball in their court on who they want to draft at many positions on their team, but these are the top priorities for the front office to keep their eyes on.