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On the Anniversary of Perfection - The Perfect Trio

Dive into the Fish Tank with Csonka, Little and Morris

On January 14th, 1973 the Miami Dolphins beat the Washington Redskins 14-7 to complete the greatest season in all of the 100 years of the National Football League. The Don Shula coached team, plowed through the league and on this date 47 years ago, became the only Perfect team in NFL history.

Today, January 14th, 2020 a triple-headed monster of those Perfect Porpoises from 1972 dove in to what has become a virtual time portal for Miami Dolphins fans such as myself, and many of a certain age.

Admittingly, I am closing in on my “Csonka-birthday” at weeks-end, so I am no spring chicken at soon-to-be 39. However I am kind of in those murky waters of old-school versus new school in Findom.

Put it this way, I am like your Uncle who loves the Revolutionary or Civil War. I have books, cassette tapes (yea, like VHS) and memorabilia. I would happily re-enact any aspect of 1972 on a field with like-minded Fin-addicts.

Seriously, I would.

This morning on this momentous anniversary, the guys at The Fish Tank had us fans covered. For those who are unaware, The Fish Tank is a podcast finishing up it’s second season that is as valuable to fans like me, as a Ken Burns documentary is to Baseball buffs or said civil war aficionados.

Each episode of The Fish Tank has me, and schools of other fans, “Dive In” to aqua waters of history. With not yet hitting my 40’s, one may question why I have such a love and appreciation for a team I never witnessed?


History, in sports, family and the world is extremely important. We all can do very well learning from the triumphs and trials of those here before us, and while the 2019 Miami Dolphins saw many trials, the sprinkles of triumph can be what helps propel them to a more successful future.

Listening to the latest instalment was a treat to say the least. A trio of perfection joined The Fish Tank hosts, Seth Levit and Miami great O.J. McDuffie, to chat 1972, Fins football and life in general.

Hall-of-Famers, Larry Csonka and Larry Little along with Mayor of Perfectville, Mercury Morris joined the guys and it was nothing sort of, well, Perfect.

I will not give away much, because not downloading this show, or their catalogue from two full seasons would be a massive mistake. For those “Old-School” fans, there is no better trip down memory lane, or for people in my age bracket, this is your time machine. So, if you want to ride shotgun in my DeLorean, the dial is set and I implore you to, as the guys say, “Dive In.”

Listen for the stories of Don Shula, and the importance of what he was to not just the football goals at hand, but to the individuals whom he coached in their lives as well. He is as revered a man as any I can think of and you know this because these players say it.

Greatness admiring greatness.

As for the lessons we can all learn from this podcast and the words of Csonka, Morris and Little, the main ones all have the same common denominator.


As Csonka says, with his trademark confidence and bravado in which he backs up….

“When you start to win, it’s a special type of elixir.”

Miami Dolphins Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

As the 100th NFL season heads to a conclusion, with Super Bowl 54 in Miami next month, Mr. Larry Little said it best in regard to if another team could ever accomplish perfection…

“We have been on this mountain by ourselves for a long time…”

Of course, it isn’t fair to compare the 1972 team with anyone, as they are simply it. The only ones. Whether it is football that you can listen to their stories and dream of the future with these Fins, or simply correlate their “Tales” to your own world and life, hit the play button and download this podcast.

As the “Perfect Trio” will say, their “winning edge” was given to them from Coach Shula, and hopefully that edge can return with Coach Brian Flores and his passion for victory.

So, with an off-season to hopefully remember, add The Fish Tank to it, and get introduced or reacquainted to heroes of Miami’s past while we can all hope for a successful future.

“Dive in,” to the only Tank in Town…