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NFL Playoff winners picks: Straight-up picks for Divisional round

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

The Phinsider straight-up winners picks are back (though, using our cool TallySight widget, you can also check out some picks against the spread if our contributors chose to make those picks as well). We head into the second weekend of the NFL Playoffs, with the Divisional round on the schedule. This is the final weekend of the year with Saturday football, with the league scheduling four games over the two days featuring the top four teams in each conference. It all leads to a great weekend of football.

Last week, all three of our contributors finished 2-2 on the weekend. Justin Hier hit on the Houston Texans beating the Buffalo Bills, Kat Noa and I both had the Tennessee Titans beating the New England Patriots, we all missed the Minnesota Vikings win over the New Orleans Saints, and we all had the Seattle Seahawks beating the Philadelphia Eagles. James McKinney did not make picks.

For the season, that moves our season records to:

Kat 169-88-1 (0.657) (2-2 playoffs)
James 162-92-1 (0.637) (No picks)
Justin 165-94-1 (0.637) (2-2)
Kevin 153-106-1 (0.590) (2-2)

Here are our picks for this weekend: