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Ravens at Dolphins: Snap counts (Defense) in Miami’s 59-10 loss

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Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins’ Week 1 loss to the Baltimore Ravens is one we would all like to forget. The Ravens, who have historically beaten up on Miami, won the game 59-10, making the combined total for the last two meetings between the clubs 99-10 and the last three meetings 137-16. Baltimore always beats up on Miami, and this past Sunday was no different.

That does not excuse what happened. The Dolphins simply did not show up for a Week 1 contest. While the offense could not get into any rhythm, the defense continually missed assignments and did not execute. The Ravens scored a franchise high in points and tallied a franchise record in yardage (643). They averaged 14 yards per pass and 5.8 yards per run, finishing with two receivers (Marquise Brown, Mark Andrew) over 100 yards and a rusher (Mark Ingram) reaching the 100-yard mark. Lamar Jackson threw for 324 yards with five touchdowns and a perfect 158.3 passer rating. Not to be outdone, Robert Griffin III came into the game and was 6-for-6 for 55 yards and a score giving him a 144.4 passer rating. Baltimore could have put up another touchdown, but knelt to kill the clock at the Miami five-yard line, ending the game.

The Dolphins defense saw defensive ends Jonathan Ledbetter and Christian Wilkins, along with nose tackle Davon Godchaux, start the game on the line of scrimmage. Sam Eguavoen, Jerome Baker, and Charles Harris manned the initial linebacking corps, while the team came out in a nickel package with Minkah Fitzpatrick, Xavien Howard, Eric Rowe, Reshad Jones, and Bobby McCain all on the field.

The snap counts for the defense are below.

2019 Dolphins Snap Counts - Defense

Player Posn Week 2 Week 2 % Season Snaps Season Percent
Player Posn Week 2 Week 2 % Season Snaps Season Percent
Defense Total 72 149
Charles Harris DE 66 92% 127 85%
Avery Moss DE 51 71% 98 66%
Jonathan Ledbetter DE 0% 51 34%
Tank Carradine DE 31 43% 31 21%
Christian Wilkins DT 44 61% 109 73%
Davon Godchaux DT 39 54% 84 56%
John Jenkins DT 33 46% 80 54%
Jerome Baker LB 69 96% 141 95%
Sam Eguavoen LB 64 89% 132 89%
Raekwon McMillan LB 36 50% 58 39%
Vince Biegel LB 16 22% 26 17%
James Crawford LB 3 4% 17 11%
Eric Rowe CB 67 93% 139 93%
Xavien Howard CB 68 94% 139 93%
Jomal Wiltz CB 39 54% 54 36%
Chris Lammons CB 5 7% 18 12%
Ken Webster CB 5 7% 5 3%
Bobby McCain S 68 94% 127 85%
Minkah Fitzpatrick S 68 94% 117 79%
Reshad Jones S 0% 32 21%
Steven Parker S 16 22% 32 21%
Walt Aikens S 4 6% 22 15%

Baker and Rowe led the defense with each player on the field for 94 percent of the snaps. Xavien Howard was next with 92 percent played, one snap fewer than Baker and Rowe. Eguavoen and Wilkins each reached the 80 percent played mark, with Eguavoen at 88 percent while Wilkins was at 84 percent.

After that, the Dolphins really spent time rotating players. Harris played 79 percent of the game, while Jonathan Ledbetter was second among defensive ends with 66 percent played and Avery Moss was third at 61 percent played. Wilkins led the defensive tackles, though he was listed as a defensive end in a 3-4 scheme to start the game, followed by John Jenkins at 61 percent and Godchaux at 58 percent.

Behind Baker and Eguavoen was a plummet in the linebacker snaps played, where second place was Raekwon McMillan, on the field for just 29 percent of the plays. James Crawford (18 percent) and Vince Biegel (13 percent) rounded out the linebackers. The coaching staff clearly believe in Baker and Eguavoen, with no one else really seeing playing time. McMillan could see added snaps as Miami looks to improve against the run.

Rowe and Howard nearly completed the game at cornerback, while Jomal Wiltz (19 percent) and Chris Lammons (17 percent) each saw some playing time. McCain played 77 snaps, primarily as a free safety, while Minkah Fitzpatrick bounced around the defense, being used in multiple ways for 64 percent of the game. Jones only played 42 percent of the snaps, while Walt Aikens (23 percent) and Steven Parker (21 percent) closed out the defense.

Miami faces the New England Patriots this Sunday, looking to put their performance against the Ravens behind them. Will the defense play better? Will we see more snaps from some of the key members of the defense?