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Have the Dolphins hit rock bottom?

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“The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming.”

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

When Two-face relayed those powerful words in the Dark Knight. It spoke to me. Not quite like Moana’s grandma, but it made me realize, things need to get really bad before they can get better. And things have got very, very bad in South Florida.

Maybe we should have saw the warning signs earlier this year, when owner Stephen Ross relayed during his press conference that Miami was going to tear everything down and build this franchise from the ground up.

A true rebuild.

And for a franchise that for year’s chased after other team’s overpriced talent and brought in the biggest GMs and VPs money can buy, this was finally the change the Dolphins needed. Ross said this back in March.

“I’m looking at it now to do it the way I’ve built every business, and build it from the ground up. I’m prepared to stay with it. I’m committed.

Hearing this was a breath of fresh air, especially for a team that has continued to halfheartedly fix the leaks on the ‘sinking ship’ for a decade. But like with any quick fix, it was just prolonging the inevitable. Today was the day, that ship came crashing down.

Truth is, after the Laremy Tunsil trade, the Dolphins opened the 2019 in full tank mode. Unfortunately, a large number of fans were still in disbelief. And then came the biggest home loss in Miami Dolphins’ history. A 59-10 beating at Hard Rock.

But again, we all knew the team’s apparent plan was to #TankForTua. And even if you still hope Josh Rosen pans out (me), Miami can then use their war chest of draft picks and $100M in cap space fill their depleted roster.

Unfortunately, it appears this rebuild is going to take longer than expected. But who cares? If this one, really, really bad year is what it takes to get the Dolphins headed in the right direction.

Sign. Me. Up.

“I would love for it to be two years. But you have to be realistic,” Ross said. “Hopefully, we make the right decisions. We have a good, young nucleus to start with. It’s not like we’re starting all over again. We have great players.”

The 2019 season might end up being the worst in franchise history. Which means plenty of young players will be tested early. How will they respond? It’s also a great season for the coaching staff to learn what type of players they have on the roster. Because again, the plan is for Miami to have a ton of cap space next season-in addition to the picks.

But with the good that comes with ‘tanking’ so comes the bad.

For starters. Stephen Ross is going to continue to lose a lot of money. Because most fans are not going to pay to watch this team get decimated at home.

There’s also the potential that the coaches could lose the locker room. After all, no veteran player wants to hear that the team they suit up for, is deliberately trying to tank. Which is exactly what Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk suggested earlier today, when he mentioned the potential mutiny forming within.

This is in-line with what Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald reported when he was told by players that some would ‘revolt’ if Laremy Tunsil was trade. Well, folks. Tunsil was in fact traded.

In the end, no one knows how this story unfolds. The Dolphins could’ve just had a really bad week. Or more likely, they are as bad as everyone says they are. And there will be plenty of blowout losses on the horizon. But if it is true that Miami is doing the unthinkable, “The First rule about Tanking, is not to talk about Tanking”, then the end result will be much better than even we imagined.

0-16 here we come! #TrustTheProcess

This article was written by me, Josh Houtz (@houtz)