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Dolphins starting offensive line includes Isidora, Davenport after just a week on roster

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Minnesota Vikings v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins appear set to start an offensive line that will feature a right side that was not on the team in the preseason. Miami traded for Minnesota Vikings guard Danny Isidora on August 30 and for Houston Texans tackle Julién Davenport on August 31. Both of them appear set to start Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens as Miami continues to rebuild an offensive line that has struggled for the past several seasons.

Miami had a right side of the offensive line using rookie Shaq Calhoun at guard and Jesse Davis at tackle. Davis has moved to the left side to replace Laremy Tunsil, who was a part of the trade with the Texans. Calhoun is inactive for Sunday’s game.

Rookie left guard Michael Deiter and center Daniel Kilgore will continue to start, as they did all preseason.

Miami and the Ravens kickoff at 1pm ET today, starting their 2019 regular season and the NFL’s 100th season.