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Phinsider Daily: Previewing the Miami Dolphins Week 1 matchup vs the Baltimore Ravens

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Spencer Shultz of Baltimore Beatdown joins us to talk about Miami’s week 1 matchup vs Baltimore

Jacksonville Jaguars v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Phinsider Daily is a new spin-off of Phinsider Radio and now, we’ll be coming to you five days a week for all your Miami Dolphins information.

The flagship show of Matthew Cannata, Josh Houtz, and Aaron Sutton continues for its 4th season. In addition to that, Matt (Monday), A-A-Ron (Tuesday), and Josh (Wednesday) will bring their own 20-30 minute podcast to the world wide internet.

Without further ado, my (houtz) preview of the Dolphins Week 1 Matchup with Spencer Shultz (@Ravens4Dummies)

On today’s episode of Phinsider Daily, I sit down with Spencer Shultz of Baltimore Beatdown, Fansided, and Locked on Ravens to discuss the Dolphins Week 1 matchup vs Baltimore.

How can the Dolphins stop Baltimore’s duel-threat QB Lamar Jackson? Furthermore, which player on defense should Miami use to Spy the elite playmaker? I then find out which of Jackson’s arsenal of weapons could have the biggest impact in Sunday’s matchup.

We then turn to the defensive side of the football and talk about Miami’s current QB situation. Is #FitzMagic capable of upsetting the AFC North powerhouse? How will the Dolphins’ offensive line fair vs Baltimore’s elite pass rush?

Lastly, Spencer predicts the final score, and gives Dolphin fans his opinion on QB Josh Rosen.

All of this and much more, on this episode of Phinsider Daily.

Be sure to tune in by clicking the link below or finding us on iTunes/your favorite podcast app. Simply search for The Phinsider. Oh, and Follow me on Twitter! @Houtz