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NFL Power Rankings Week 1: A new season begins

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Kansas City Chiefs v Green Bay Packers Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The new NFL season is upon us, which means it is time for everyone’s favorite article: NFL Power Rankings! I know you love them. Or maybe you hate them, but you love to read them anyway. Whatever the case, our first set of The Phinsider NFL Power Rankings for 2019 are here.

I decided to do something a little differently this year. Rather than just sitting down and ranking all 32 teams myself, I opted for a little assistance. Josh Houtz is going to help me with the power rankings, and I am stealing an idea I heard on The Mina Kimes Show featuring Lenny on ESPN’s podcasts. Kimes and Mike Golic, Jr., several episodes ago did a draft of the NFL teams they trust to win the Super Bowl. Basically, it worked out to a 32 team ranking of the team you think will win the championship this year. So, ripping that idea off from them, Houtz and I will be doing a 32-team draft each week, building our own power rankings.

There is no this team won, so they have to move up, while this team lost so they move down rationalization. The simple question is, “Who will win the Super Bowl?” and then we start selecting teams. Since this is Week 1, and this is my idea, I will take the first - and therefore odd - picks this week and Houtz will have the even. We will rotate each week on who gets to select first.

Our Power Rankings will typically come out Tuesday morning.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

2. New Orleans Saints

3. New England Patriots

4. Los Angeles Rams

5. Philadelphia Eagles

6. Chicago Bears

7. Seattle Seahawks

8. Los Angeles Chargers

9. Pittsburgh Steelers

10. Dallas Cowboys

11. Baltimore Ravens

12. Minnesota Vikings

13. Green Bay Packers

14. Houston Texans

15. Cleveland Browns

16. Atlanta Falcons

17. Tennessee Titans

18. Indianapolis Colts

19. Jacksonville Jaguars

20. Carolina Panthers

21. Denver Broncos

22. Buffalo Bills

23. San Francisco 49ers

24. New York Jets

25. New York Giants

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

27. Detroit Lions

28. Oakland Raiders

29. Washington Redskins

30. Cincinnati Bengals

31. Miami Dolphins

32. Arizona Cardinals