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We’re In the Lead

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Can the Dolphins keep it up?

Los Angeles Chargers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

We did it y’all! We snagged the number one spot on for the 2020 Draft pick.

If we’re going to be winless, we at least better be the best at it. Of course this may not last long and the Jets had a bye week on Sunday, but for now, we’re in the lead. How’s everyone feeling about that? By now if you’re still part of that small percentage of fans who want us to magically turn it around post-bye week, I’m here to tell ya, it’s not going to happen. Remember this time last year when we were leading the AFC East? I know I do because I made weekly videos about them. Good times.

Think of it this way though, if we continued to do the same thing we have been for the last 20 years or so and did not cut and/or trade away players, maybe we would have a win by now. We may have even beat the Chargers on Sunday. But, would that be alright with you? Do we really want another season of trying just enough to not be the worst, but not good enough for the post-season. Basically having another 8-8 mediocre season. We can not keep being the same Dolphins. This changed absolutely needed to happen. All that being said, we still have a long season ahead of us and it’s not easy watching your team lose, but at least we didn’t lose as bad on Sunday.

The Positives from Sunday’s Loss to the Chargers

  • We took the lead of a game for almost 4 minutes.
  • The game looked winnable the first half.
  • We lost


  • Our run defense was way better this week. We kept the Chargers averaging just 2.4yds per carry.
  • Taco Charlton definitely played better than last week. He even got a sack against Phillip Rivers. According to Flores he brings toughness and energy to this team.
  • Rookie Christian Wilkins, besides the penalty call for being a bit too rough, has been improving each week and had his best performance on Sunday.
  • Raekwon McMillan is killing it this season. The dude has been putting in the work.

This may have been one of the best parts from Sunday’s game.

  • Baker and Howard still not performing like we all expected. Hopefully that can change.


  • Preston Williams looks promising and I still truly believe he is on the road to becoming a top tier WR (just needs to stop dropping the ball)
  • We saw more from Drake. He is definitely is outplaying Ballage and proving he wants to remain with our team beyond this season. Will he still be on the roster in 2020? I sure do hope so because if we don’t pay him somebody will.
  • Maybe DeVante Parker was just used incorrectly from previous coaches and Flores just saw what we fans couldn’t see. To be fair, he was injured most seasons, but we also had some bad coaching as well. He’s having a decent season so far, let’s see if he can actually remain healthy for the rest of the season because I’d like to see more from him.
  • Our offensive line was okay considering there seems to be new guys added and others missing each week. Evan Boehm and Isaiah Prince played well. Just imagine when we get a true fully-stocked o-line.

The What Was That Moment

I think most of us are in agreement with, “What happened with Jason Sanders?”

I tweeted about my thoughts on him during the game and several people agreed.

Is he though? In today’s press conference Flores assured the media that Sanders is not going anywhere, so hold up fans on using a draft pick in your mock draft for a kicker. Let’s see how he does the rest of the season.

The Quarterback Discussion

I want to make this brief and just say, JOSH ROSEN IS NOT OUR FUTURE.

Can we all accept that fact and move on from daily posts on social media from various fans asking, “What if we build an o-line?” or the best one of, “We drafted him for a reason. Let’s give him some time.” It’s not happening fans.

Like I mentioned in the thread of that tweet, it would be even more embarrassing if the Dolphins were to lose every game and get the number one pick and not select Tua (or sub in your fav QB but it’s clearly Tua). We’re not tanking this hard to select offensive lineman as our number one pick. I’ve even seen some fans state a RB or a WR as a top choice? Come on fans. Accept the fact the Dolphins will be selecting a quarterback and maybe take time to watch a few college games and decide which quarterback you would like to see in aqua and orange. We all know who I support.

But for real though, which number should our future quarterback be when he is selected? It’s something going around on Twitter.

Is number one or two available? I think those would work.

The Week Ahead

There are several teams aiming to take our spot on the tankathon. Let’s look at them and see who may be our competition. We have the Redskins, Bengals, Jets, Broncos, Steelers, and Cardinals. Alright, the way I see it is we play four of those six teams. The Steelers and Bengals play tonight. We need the Bengals to win. The Bengals play the Cardinals next week and if Cardinals win, then that’s two teams well on their way to being out of our way. Our next game is against the Redskins and I think we can lose that game. We need to lose that game, because we may be their only chance to win a game. The Broncos came very close to winning on Sunday night, but the Jaguars snagged that victory last minute. Their schedule is kinda tough, but I can see them possibly winning against the Chargers or maybe the Browns (home game for Broncos). But, that being said, the Broncos aren’t in the market for a quarterback. So, we should still be okay.

I say all that to tell you fans to please go enjoy your weekend. In previous years I would still stress watching games during our bye week, because I foolishly thought we still had hope for post-season games. Now, I will watch and only slightly stress over who may try to out-tank us, but while on the beach. It’s hard to stress when you’re on the beach, right? Don’t forget about college. Auburn plays Florida this Saturday afternoon and we’re undefeated. It will be a true test for Auburn.

Hope you all have an enjoyable two weeks and see you all back here next week. Go Dolphins!