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That Miami Dolphins’ Fan Life

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It’s a hard love

NFL Draft Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

I think the best way to start this off is by what I tweeted out a couple days ago, which still applies to our current situation.

It’s been a rough few days for us Dolphins’ fans. How you holding up? You okay? Do you need a hug? Maybe a couple bourbons will help? I get it. We all get it. I mean, if you’re a fan that has been paying attention to all the trades, then, yeah you understand. What is happening? I think most fans are at a loss for words, especially if you get the question (like I have daily) from other NFL fans of, “What’s going on with the Dolphins?” You think we know that answer? We’re over here hoping and trusting that Grier and Flores know what they’re doing. It’s a hard love being a Dolphins’ fan. We’re told we are rebuilding and to trust the process, but then you see moves happen with little to no explanation and are told, again, to “Trust the process.” What does that even mean? I guess we will just wait and see. Like one of our best player said (I mean at this rate let’s hope he is still here by the time this article is posted) on Monday:

Fasten your seat belt fans, because we are in for a ride and we need to just cross those fingers, maybe say a prayer or five, and trust that we’re gonna come out in one whole functioning piece in the end.

That being said let’s dive into what all happened over the last few days and the reactions from the Dolphins’ community.


We all heard or read about how the Texans wanted Lamery Tunsil. I believe I even said that there’s just no way we would be trading him and we could all have a good laugh at it. Well.....lesson learned. If you offer the right price, apparently any player is up for grabs. You would think, the only good offensive lineman on our team would not be traded. You would assume our team would build around that player. It’s what most people assumed. We were wrong.

I related to that gif so much when I first saw the news. If I’m being honest, I was mainly only upset with the Tunsil part. Yes, Stills is a good wide receiver, but we kinda expected or at least heard rumors of him being traded. We have several other talented WR’s and his news wasn’t as shocking. On the other hand, we thought we were clear of trade talk with Texans when Clowney was traded to Seahawks. Boy were we wrong. I’m still kinda frustrated over the trade, but the picks we received in return are supposed to be well worth it.

At least we received a fantastic deal from it though. Remember, we are rebuilding (I just have to keep telling myself this). This is fine. We’re fine. IT’S FINE. I mean, this will be our offensive line on Sunday, but it’s gonna be just fine.

We all were still processing the news of Tunsil and Stills, when next thing we know we’re saying farewell to Kiko Alonso. Alas, I must say goodbye to my stadium pillar buddy.

I’m going to miss your feisty passion Kiko, but I think it was for the best that we parted ways. In return for him the Dolphins received LB Vince Biegel. I’m not familiar with Biegel and hope it was a good trade, but this is me “trusting the process.”

The Dolphins’ had a busy weekend so far. We traded players and claimed some off of waivers. I woke up Monday thinking it would be a relaxing day and I could finally enjoy my long weekend. Well, that was a great one hour until we all got the news that the Dolphins’ released John Denney. The one player we would all hope would retire as a Dolphin. I mean, he lasted through all of this.

Let’s be honest, that one stung a bit. Of course, he didn’t leave without saying farewell and thanking the Dolphins’ organization.

He is one class act and he will be missed! Thank you for everything!

The other player to be cut along with Denney, that completely came as a surprise, was DT Vincent Taylor.

The fans’ reactions across Twitter did not go well. My newsfeed was filled with so much rage from Dolphins’ fans over the Denney and Taylor cuts. If you check out Vincet’s Twitter account you would see that he didn’t see his cut coming.

He has multiple tweets of him retweeting fans expressing their shock and encouraging words to him about his release. A team is going to claim him, I’m sure of it. Another player I wish the best of luck!

What’s Next

After a long weekend of surprises by the Dolphins, where do we go from here? How do we react as fans? If you watched or listened to the press conference on Monday you would see what Coach Flores said about the situation.

In all honesty, he’s right. I may joke and say we need to just, “Trust the process” but we really need to as a fan base. We have been a mediocre team for way too long. None of us want another 8-8 or 6-10 season. We want to be a good team again, right? It’s not going to happen suddenly and it’s going to take some major changes. Clearly what we’ve been doing in the past hasn’t worked, so it’s time to strip down and start over and that’s what our Dolphins’ seem to be trying to accomplish.

What that means for us as fans is that we need to be prepared for a season of very few wins (if any). Yes, Flores has said many times that the goal is to go out and try to win each week. I would never cheer for my team to lose, but with the roster the way it is, we may try out best but probably still lose most games. I already accepted the fact that we weren’t going to be good this season when Ross first stated we needed a rebuild. The Browns went through this and they are turning things around as an organization and it’s now our turn.

I urge you to not be that fan that feels the need to just tune out this season because “We’re gonna suck”. Unless life does get in the way and things come up (I get it. Life happens and it is just a game) then it’s totally understandable, but don’t be that fan that feels the need to announce, “I’ve watched them for ____ years and I’m done.” Don’t let that be your only excuse. Are we going to be good this season? Seriously doubt it. Will it be entertaining? It just might. Can we all watch and laugh at the mess of other teams? Sure, why not. Will we be able to enjoy a season of little to no stress and know our team will be better in the next two years? YES! I type that last part in all capital letters because I do say that to people with excitement. We have no control over anything as fans.

It’s Flores first year as a coach. We still have some young talent on our team and they still want and need our support. We made it through the 2007 Dolphins. We can make it through this year. If this year is a disaster at least remember we have 2020 Draft to look forward to, right?

I’ll end on this tweet by Baker.

I really hope you all had an enjoyable weekend and are ready for the start of the 2019 season. Win or mostly lose, I’m excited to see what happens. Just remember guys, we are all in this together and let’s have some fun watching our team.

The Dolphins take on the Ravens at home this Sunday at 1pm. If you’re attending the game, have fun and cheer on our team. I will be watching it from the Atlanta DolFan Club but will be at Hard Rock for the following game against the Patriots.

See you all back here in a week and, as always, go Dolphins!