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Chargers at Dolphins Week 4 television coverage map

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Miami Dolphins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins get back on the field this Sunday, their final game before a one-week bye. This weekend’s game has the Los Angeles Chargers flying across the country to face the Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. The game does not rate highly in national interest, so it is not going to be seen in most of the country.

Thanks to, we can get a look at where exactly you have to be to watch the game on local network broadcasts. Airing on CBS, the game is in orange on the map below. And, unless you are in southern California or south Florida, you are not going to find that orange color anywhere near you.

The game, with kickoff at 1pm ET, will feature Tom McCarthy and Jay Feely on the broadcast.

The rest of the CBS early games on the map have the New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills in most of the country (red and including Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Hawaii in the markets), while the Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens are in blue, the Oakland Raiders at Indianapolis Colts are in green, and the Tennessee Titans at Atlanta Falcons are in yellow.