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Boogie Woogie Biegel Boy

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Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

With all the personnel moves, trades and undrafted players the Miami Dolphins have brought in over the past few months, one guy who has largely flown under the radar is third year linebacker Vince Biegel, originally selected in the fourth round out of the University of Wisconsin in 2017 by the Green Bay Packers.

Unable to play for the Pack until November, 2017, due to a broken foot he suffered during the team’s May minicamp, Biegel was among the final roster cuts by Green Bay a few days before the 2018 season opener. Having been waived on September 1st, he was signed to the New Orleans Saints’ practice squad the following day and promoted to the active roster less than three weeks later. Biegel played in 14 games for the Saints last season and became yet another in a long line of shrewd, savvy acquisitions made by Dolphins general manager Chris Grier, when Miami traded 29 year old Kiko Alonso and his bloated contract for the 26 year old Biegel.

At 6’3”, 246, with nearly 33 inch arms and 4.67 speed, the old school, grit and dirt Biegel is the prototype 3-4 strong side linebacker and has demonstrated his ability to stand in against the run and collapse the pocket against the pass, pile driving tight ends and offensive tackles alike into the opponent’s backfield on numerous occasions thus far in his career with the Dolphins. His all around skill set would have served him well with the ‘Killer B’s’ defenses fielded by Miami in 1970’s and 80’s and is a welcome addition to a Dolphins team that needs all the impact players it can get. If Miami can solidly its front three down linemen and find a bookend pass rusher to line up across from Biegel, look for him to make an even greater impact for the Dolphins as they improve the defense around him. A classic 1941 hit by the Andrews Sisters, from neighboring Minnesota, with just a few adaptations, could easily have been written about Vince Biegel.

He’s a Boogie Woogie Biegel Boy, a stud don’t you know, makin’ more plays than a shiny twelve spot domino, he was drafted by the Packers two short years ago, but when he broke his foot Green Bay told him that he had to go. So he went down to N.O., Grier said ‘We’ll give you Kiko’, now he’s a Boogie Woogie Biegel Boy who plays for coach Flo.

He’s a Boogie Woogie Biegel Boy who plays for the Fins, and he’s gonna help his team rack up a lot of wins... and though not many wins are going to come this year, it’s all part of the plan so don’t you have any fear -- that good times soon will be here, and it’s perfectly clear, that Vince Biegel is Chris Grier’s best acquisition this year...

He’s a Boogie Woogie Biegel Boy who’s on the left side, wears the aqua and the white with a whole lot of pride, and if you try to run the ball where he lines up, he’ll blow your running play up quicker than a hiccup -- he chases down quarterbacks, stops running backs in their tracks, he’s a Boogie Woogie Biegel Boy who plays to the max.

He’s a Boogie Woogie Biegel Boy, a stud don’t you know, unlike Kiko on the sidelines, he knows where to go... and when the Dolphins travel to New York to face Gase, he’s gonna help them beat the Jets in their own place -- a beast from the Midwest, he fits the Dolphins best, he’s an every down linebacker, plays all over the place.