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Dolphins’ QB Josh Rosen solid in first start with Miami

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How did the 22-year old QB look in his first career start with the Dolphins?

Miami Dolphins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

There wasn’t much hope heading into Big D on Sunday, as the Miami Dolphins were set to take on the Dallas Cowboys (2-0) in front of a sold out crowd. And although the final score wasn’t close, there was plenty to like about Miami’s performance-primarily on offense. Not the entire offense, however, but more specifically the Dolphins’ starting QB, Josh Rosen.

As we know, the Dolphins traded for Rosen during day two of the 2019 NFL Draft. The former 2018 10th-overall pick was acquired for a second-rounder (#62). And despite a stellar offseason that saw plenty of growth, he was still second fiddle to 36-year old Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Not anymore.

In his first start of the young NFL season, Rosen completed 18/39 for 200-yards. Those numbers are not that impressive. But when you dig a little deeper, his first start in a Dolphins’ uniform was far better than even I imagined.

One of his first throws of the game was this beautiful one-handed catch to DeVante Parker.

It wasn’t all sunshine and roses.

After all, Rosen received no help from his supporting cast. Preston Williams dropped a touchdown, again. Kenyan Drake dropped a pass and so did $24-million man, Jakeem Grant.

Much like the first two weeks of the season, there were plenty of self inflicted wounds.

“After you drop the ball, you tend to be like that was an easy catch…but the thing is you’ve got to have next play mentality. Grant said. “At the point in time, we’ve got to continue to overcome the hump of dropping balls and stuff. We’ve got be where the quarterback can rely on us to make those tough catches.”

Here’s a look at maybe the most critical of those drops, Williams mishap would have resulted in a TD.

“I caught it. My hand was still in there and tried to move it up. It came out when I hit the ground…I heard the rules changed, so I guess it wasn’t a touchdown. Next time, I’ve got just to fall with it and squeeze it harder.”

He added the next day...

“Honestly? I should’ve made that catch. I feel like I’ve been (expletive) in the end zone. I’ve just got to come down with those. I wish I had them back.”

Nevertheless, the offense looked night and day with the 22-year old QB under center. He was able to go through his progressions and make some good throws. Perhaps the most underrated part of his game, was his ability to make plays using his feet.

Rosen admitted to making a few protection mistakes, which may have left a few points on the field.

When asked if he had the ability to audible and change protections— Rosen had this to say.

“Yeah I can but that’s like given the set of circumstances that wasn’t my job. I thought we had a really good play with a really good look. I can’t say the actual name of the play but I think it was the third one I mis-Mike’d it when I motioned my guy over..I actually…I mis-Mike’d it and I had my receiver blocking a linebacker when he was supposed to be blocking a safety so it’s little things like that..even are on my play. So, yeah, so it’s very fluid and we wished we could have punched it in but hindsight is always twenty-twenty. We’ve just got to get down there a little more often.”

His coach Brian Flores weighed in on his performance after Sunday’s game.

“I thought Josh made some good throws early. Started off with the long ball to DeVante. That’s a good defense. I thought he was tough. Took a couple of hits. Stood in the pocket. Gave us some opportunities on some throws. The drops didn’t help him. That would have helped us as a team. We just didn’t get it done but overall, I thought he played alright.”

In the end, Josh Rosen looked better than many expected. And if he was surrounded by a better supporting cast, could make a real claim to the ‘Iron Throne’ in Miami. Unfortunately, it became clear after Laremy Tunsil was traded, that the team would draft a shiny new starting QB in April’s draft. So for now, all Rosen can do is continue to work hard-much like he did throughout the summer months.

Maybe Rosen isn’t the long-term answer in Miami. Then again, maybe he is. Truth is, there’s still 13 games to be played. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


This article was written by me, Josh Houtz (@houtz)

How do you think Josh Rosen performed in his first career start in Miami? Let us know in the comment’s section below.