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Just 13 More Games

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At least the first half of the game was enjoyable

Miami Dolphins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Let’s look at the positive side fans. We got some of the hardest games out of the way early on (besides the second Patriots game and possibly the Bills). We can’t possibly play worse, right? This Bobby McCain expression is perfect for this 2019 Dolphins’ season.

Another positive side is that there are several other really bad teams this year as well. Such as the Jets, Broncos, Bengals, Redskins, Steelers and Cardinals (four of them we play). The best way to look at this season and to get through these games, is to root for other teams to play slightly better so we can make sure we secure that number one draft pick. I mean at least hope it’s us or the Steelers. Just imagine if we get the first two draft picks. Just imagine. We could select Tua and Chase Young. Alright, enough day dreaming and back to reality. Our team is terrible but they played slightly better against the Cowboys, for the first half at least, than the first two games. Let’s discuss the game real quick and reactions from fans.

Dolphins 6-31 loss to Cowboys

Josh Rosen had his first start as a Miami Dolphin quarterback and he played decent. We can all agree he definitely looked better than Fitzpatrick. That being said, he did not play well enough to prove anything to anyone about being our next franchise quarterback or prevent the team from selecting one with our first 2020 pick. Rosen played with much more confidence than we saw from him all during camp. His numbers would probably be better too, if some of those dropped passes actually remained in players hands.

Oh Preston that would have been such a perfect touchdown. Speaking of touchdown, there was some discussion on why Flores did not throw a challenge flag.

Flores stated during the post-game press conference that the play would not have been overturned, but still makes you wonder why they didn’t at least try. We had all three timeouts and less than 5 minutes before half-time.

Other players that had some good moments were Devante Parker (and a bad one too), Durham Smythe, Davon Godchaux, Christian Wilkins, Michael Dieter, Jerome Baker, Taco and a few others. Considering the mess of a team we are there were some positives. The not so positive plays from Drake, Xavien, and Ballage, however, reminds us fans that our team has a long way to go. Let’s not forget to add the injuries of Jesse Davis (seriously we won’t have enough offensive lineman to start a game if this keeps up) and that massive hit on Allen Hurns.

I really hope he is alright and annoyed there was not one single flag thrown after that hit. I still stand by my tweet I made as well.

We all know that would not have happened if it was against a Patriots player.

Our team played better the first half and showed that they were trying to win the game. The second half though, did not go as well and the team we’ve seen the past two weeks showed back up. The way I approach the games now is to evaluate and see what holes we have and who we can use to fill them with the draft and free agency. It’s going to be a long season for our team, but it’s going to be a very fun off-season for us, so just hang in there fans.

What’s Next and Other Tidbits

The positive side for sure is that the Steelers are now 0-3. That’s very good for us considering we own their number one pick. I wonder how Minkah feels about that right now.

Thanks again, Fitzpatrick’s Mom, for that number one draft pick. Steelers’ fans have to be a bit upset over that trade right now considering how their season is looking.

The Texans won, and actually don’t look like they will be a bad team, so don’t get too overly excited to watch them lose. The Jets are terrible, but I don’t think we’ll see them mess up our draft spot because Darnold should return in the next couple of weeks. I can see them winning 2-3 games. The teams I’m worried about are the Bengals and the Broncos. We do pay the Bengals, so if we lose, we’re good. The Broncos look bad and looking at their schedule I don’t see them winning any games. Their next few games are Jaguars, Chargers, Titans and Chiefs. Looks like we may be fighting the Broncos for that number one pick. It’s going to be interesting. According to we are sitting at number three with the Jets and Bengals ahead and Broncos and Steelers right behind us. It’s going to be a fun race fans.

How do you feel about the “tank” the Dolphins are supposedly not doing? I know some fans hate that term and many have expressed it to me on Twitter. I get it, you like the term “rebuilding”. No matter which phrase you like just embrace it and hold on tight because this season is going to get bumpy, but we’ll turn out alright in the end. One thing we can all agree on though, is how ridiculous it is to stay the Dolphins should be investigated for what they are doing this season. I’m sure many of you saw videos going around stating the NFL needs to look into the Dolphins organization. It’s all ridiculous if you ask me. I made a video on Friday expressing my views on it.

How many other teams have been horrible for several years (Browns and let’s not forget Suck for Luck campaign) but yet nothing was said to question what they were doing. Yeah, the Browns were just a terrible team for quite a while, but so are the Dolphins. We’re just rebuilding the correct way this time and other teams are just salty, in my opinion. It seems many agree with me as well on Twitter.

Enough of my thoughts on that topic and on to next week’s game. We play the Chargers at home and then we have a much needed bye week. If you plan to attend the game, please have fun tailgating. Soak it all up, because we have no idea what to expect from the actual game, but just know it won’t be pretty. Also, if you live locally I bet you can probably get some cheap tickets too.

How fun would that be though, if that meme was true. Gotta find ways to enjoy this season fans, and just laugh while we all suffer through this rebuild together.

Enjoy your week and let’s hope we don’t trade away another player (unless for some first round picks) and see you all back here next week. As always, go Dolphins!