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Dolphins looking to Josh Rosen to provide spark to struggling offense

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New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins are about to enter the Josh Rosen era, the 21st player to start at quarterback for the team since Dan Marino retired. The move comes after the Dolphins started Ryan Fitzpatrick for the first two games, but were only able to score 10 points, all of those coming in Week 1 against the Baltimore Ravens. After being shutout in Week 2 against the New England Patriots, Miami’s offense needs a spark, and they are hoping the move to Rosen will provide that.

“Obviously right now, we need a spark, and I’m going to try and provide that spark; but not by doing anything crazy out of the ordinary from what I’ve done that’s gotten me up to this point in my career,” Rosen said this week after it was announced he would start.

Head coach Brian Flores said of the change on Friday, “We liked where Josh was. He had two good days of practice. We decided to make the move after a good practice yesterday. It wasn’t just the two practices. He had been practicing well up to this point. We felt like that was the right move for the team.”

Asked about the improvement he has seen in Rosen since the team traded for him in April, Flores explained, “There’s been a lot of improvement. That’s something that we’ve focused on really since he got here – reading defenses, making quick decisions, pushing the ball downfield when it’s the right time to do those things, getting in and out of the huddle, managing the game correctly, limiting mistakes and turnovers and things of that nature. I think mentally, he’s processing all of that a little bit better. I think he’s ready to go.”

Fitzpatrick was 25-for-50 for 274 yards with one touchdown and four interceptions, giving him a 39.9 passer rating. Rosen, having appeared in both games for the Dolphins thus far despite Fitzpatrick starting, is 8-for-21 for 102 yards with two interceptions and a 14.5 passer rating. The Dolphins are last in the league in total offense, 30th (out of 32) in passing offense, 31st in rushing offense, and 32nd in scoring offense.

“Obviously he was disappointed,” Flores said of Fitzpatrick’s reaction to the change. “He’s a competitor. He loves to play; he wants to play. He was disappointed and if he wasn’t disappointed, then that would be a bad thing. That’s the case for every player on the team. They all want to play. We only have 11 guys that can play at a time. So yeah, there was disappointment; but the one thing I’ll say about ‘Fitz’ is the way that he’s handled this, it’s been impressive. He’s grabbed Josh, he’s got him up on the white board, ‘What do you think of this? What do you think of that?’ talking him through different protections and talking him through different QB processes. That’s been really encouraging. Again, it’s a tough situation. A lot of guys would be angry. But here’s a guy who is so selfless and his willingness to put the team first, I’m really impressed by that.”

Miami kicks off against the Dallas Cowboys at 1pm ET today. Will the offense find any spark? Can Rosen show he should be the quarterback of the future for the club? Will the team look any better than they have the last two weeks?