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Patriots at Dolphins: Miami offensive snap counts from Week 2

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NFL: SEP 15 Patriots at Dolphins Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A little behind the scenes for the site - I was off from work on Monday as I traveled back from a trip to San Diego. Because of that, I have been off on what day it is the last few days. That has led to things like forgetting to update the snap counts for Week 2 until just now. We now fix that with a Wednesday edition of our snap counts.

The Dolphins lost to the New England Patriots 43-0 on Sunday, the second straight week in which Miami was simply blown off the field. The Dolphins want to position themselves for a strong rebuild in 2020, and apparently they are doing that really well right now. It is not pretty, it is not fun, but for now, it is what the Dolphins are.

This week, on offense, the starting offensive line was Jesse Davis (2 starts) at left tackle, Michael Deiter (2) at left guard, Daniel Kilgore (2) at center, Danny Isidora (2) at right guard, and J’Marcus Webb (1) at right tackle. Webb replaced Julién Davenport this week after a fractured leg in practice landed Davenport on injured reserve. Ryan Fitzpatrick (2) started at quarterback again, while Kalen Ballage (2) was again the starting running back. DeVante Parker (2) and Preston Williams (2) both started at wide receiver while Miami used two tight ends this week, Durham Smythe (2) and Nick O’Leary (1), instead of a fullback as they did on the opening play in Week 1.

The full snap counts for the offense are below:

2019 Miami Dolphins Snap Counts - Offense

Player Posn Week 2 Week 2 % Season Snaps Season Percent
Player Posn Week 2 Week 2 % Season Snaps Season Percent
Offense Total 62 112
Jesse Davis T 62 100% 112 100%
Michael Deiter G 62 100% 112 100%
Daniel Kilgore C 62 100% 112 100%
Danny Isidora G 48 77% 98 88%
J'Marcus Webb T 62 100% 62 55%
Julién Davenport T 50 45%
Evan Boehm G 14 23% 14 13%
Ryan Fitzpatrick QB 38 61% 83 74%
Josh Rosen QB 24 39% 29 26%
Kenyan Drake RB 34 55% 61 54%
Kalen Ballage RB 21 34% 41 37%
Mark Walton RB 10 16% 14 13%
Chandler Cox FB 6 10% 9 8%
Mike Gesicki TE 35 56% 59 53%
Durham Smythe TE 25 40% 37 33%
Nick O'Leary TE 14 23% 34 30%
DeVante Parker WR 57 92% 95 85%
Preston Williams WR 42 68% 63 56%
Jakeem Grant WR 38 61% 58 52%
Allen Hurns WR 28 45% 53 47%
Albert Wilson WR 6 5%

The offensive line did not have just the change in starting right tackles during the game, as Isidora missed 14 snaps, with Evan Boehm sliding into his spot for 23 percent of the game played. The rest of the offensive line played the entire game.

The Dolphins once again made an in-game switch at quarterback, with Fitzpatrick giving way to Josh Rosen, this time for a 61 percent/39 percent split in the offensive snaps. Head coach Brian Flores has said Fitzpatrick will start in Week 3, but he is starting to hedge that a little, opening the door to Rosen possibly becoming the team’s starting quarterback.

At halfback, Ballage started but his 34 percent of the snaps was below Kenyan Drake’s 55 percent. Mark Walton saw action on 16 percent of the plays. The Dolphins are looking to get a rusher in rhythm and then will ride the hot-hand for as long as they can, but with the 102-10 scoreline from the first two games, they have not had a chance to establish the run.

Fullback Chandler Cox was on the field 10 percent of the plays, but like with the halfbacks, a huge deficit makes it hard to use a fullback regularly.

At tight end, another inversion of the starter versus the non-starter happens, where Mike Gesicki played the most, on the field for 56 percent of the snaps, but Smythe (40 percent) and O’Leary (23 percent) were the starting tandem.

At wide receiver, Parker played the most snaps for a non-offensive lineman, appearing on the field for 92 percent of the plays. Williams continues to show that he is going to be a big part of the offense, if the offense ever figures itself out, and was on the field for 68 percent of the snaps. Jakeem Grant played 61 percent of the game, while Allen Hurns was on the field 45 percent of the time.

We will be back with the defensive snap counts later today.