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Eyes on The Prize

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The Dolphins future will be bright...eventually

New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins Charles Trainor Jr./Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Most of us were prepared for the Miami Dolphins to have a winless season, but we weren’t expecting it to be this bad. We are definitely one of the worst teams in the league right now and that’s not changing anytime soon. If you check out we are currently sitting at number two for the 2020 Draft pick right behind the Jaguars. If I’m being honest, I’m slightly disappointed. I was expecting our team to slide into first place after Sunday’s performance. In fact, it looks as if there are quite a few of us fighting for the number one draft pick.

My response to that is simple. The Dolphins need to make sure they lose the rest of the remaining games. We’re down 2 and only have 14 left to go. If our team is serious about rebuilding this franchise into the winning one it used to be, then I believe this is the way to achieve it. I know that’s not a popular opinion with some fans based on replies I get on my tweets. It’s okay. We’re all going to have different views of what the Dolphins should be doing to rebuild, but too bad there is absolutely nothing to we can do about it. Other than complain and yell at each other on Twitter.

Look at the bright side fans: We’re going to have so much money and draft picks that we’ll be alright. I think I may retweet this tweet from Adam Beasley every week as a friendly reminder (and to help us keep our eyes on the prize of that first 2020 Draft pick).

Feel better about the last two games after reading that? If no, well I’m not sure what to tell you then. The best thing we can do is be hopeful that Grier and Flores will use all those draft picks and money wisely and start the rebuild of winning team. It will take a couple of years but just think how we’ll be come 2022. Still want some reassurance why this tank is necessary? This tweet from Simon Clancy brings up a good point.

If Tua Tagovailoa is as good as many scouts believe him to be, and he indeed enters this upcoming Draft, we have to take a chance on him. A good quarterback can change everything. Just keep repeating this to yourself over and over. If all else fails, then hold on to the hope that even our players are telling us to keep the faith.

Better days are coming fans, it just won’t be this season.

Sunday’s loss to the Patriots

I attended the game on Sunday. I flew in Saturday afternoon and was up this morning at 3:45am to fly back to Atlanta. Let’s be clear. The game was awful. Before the game I received some negative responses from fans on Twitter stating I may not be a “true fan” (whatever that means) because I wore a tank shirt around in Miami. It’s totally fine to embrace what the Dolphins are doing and even joke about it, but sitting through that entire game Sunday is not something a fair weather fan would do. It’s not easy to watch your team get shutout like they did, especially being surrounded by the opposing team in your home stadium. It was my 7th game watching the Pats at home and it was gut-wrenching. My last home game was the Miracle in Miami game and to come back to watch the Patriots again, but be completely embarrassingly shut out, was a sucker punch to the gut. The only thing that got me through that game was knowing this is part of a long term plan. That being said, the day started of well. It was hot and I got a bit turned around with all the construction, but still had a great tailgate. I made a few video tours of some of my tailgate spots. If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen a few of them.

For those of you who may not attend games or will be attending some later this season, be prepared. The parking and setup around the stadium is a complete mess with the preparation for the Super Bowl. I’m sure the finished product will be amazing, but the process makes for less than ideal tailgate experience. I guess it’s a good thing we’re extra bad this season right? Anyways, I still tried to enjoy the tailgating as much as possible with friends. It wasn’t as packed as it normally is for this game. You can tell people are taking this “rebuilding” season serious and many seem to not want to spend money watching our team lose. I don’t blame them. It’s not an easy thing to watch.

This is normally where I break down parts of the game that went well. I’m pretty sure we all can skip that part. I had a hard time focusing on the game in general because I had screaming Patriot fans all around me and after the second half started, I quite frankly lost the excitement to even cheer on the team. It’s not exciting when your stadium breaks out in “AB AB AB” after a touchdown. It really did seem like I was at an away game. The one positive from that game, in my opinion, is thank goodness we extended Xavien Howard. He may be the one bright start throughout this season. Well him and possibly Preston Williams, if we ever get decent quarterback play that is.

Speaking of players, Minkah Fitzpatrick had a much better game than last week. Does that mean he may stay in Miami now? Not likely. Here’s my thing about Minkah. He is an outstanding football player and, yes, his former coach praised him. That’s great and all, but if he ultimately doesn’t want to be a part of this rebuild then he may not last this season. Probably not even the next couple weeks or week. I hate to see him go, but we need players who want to be a part of this 2-3 year rebuild plan. I absolutely do not blame him if he wants to be a part of a winning team right now and not down the road. He did come from Alabama, so he is used to being part of team that consistently wins. That being said, we better not let him go for anything. It appears we may not be letting him go for nothing based on this latest tweet by Jason Canfora.

Of course we are playing four of the six teams listed and if he goes to one of those, that may be a bit awkward game. If we get a first though, I think Redskins would be the team to target. This will be interesting to watch play out.

Next Week and Other Tidbits

It looks like we have another team (Steelers) in the hunt for the 2020 First Round Draft Pick. Quarterbacks seem to be dropping left and right this season and we’re only through the second week. Flores better be ready for war, because that number one spot will be ours. We’re not losing breaking records to not get the first pick. You may be thinking, “What records are we breaking?” Check out this tweet and you will see.

If we’re going to be bad let’s at least be the best at it. Just remember, it’s all about getting that future quarterback.

We play the Cowboys this Sunday! We’re probably not going to win, but that’s okay. I will still be watching with my fellow Dolphins’ fans. If you have to suffer, suffer with friends.

P.S. How bad do you think the Dolphins at Steelers MNF game will be? As bad or wose than the 2007 one?

Hope you all have a good week! Fins Up!