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Patriots at Dolphins: Final score and immediate reactions

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

First Half Recap:

The Dolphins received the ball first and proceeded to go three and out. The Patriots then drove the ball down the field capped off by a Sony Michel touchdown run right at the goal line. The Patriots made sure to get Antonio Brown involved early as their newest receiver recorded 3 receptions on his first drive as a Patriot.

The Dolphins showed some life on their second possession but couldn’t execute and gave the ball back to New England. The defense stepped up and forced the Patriots to punt right at the end of the first quarter.

Kenyan Drake finally makes an apperance and gets stuffed on his first two carries, but almost converts on the following draw play. Another three and out for the Phins offense. Tom Brady leads the Pats downfield with a bit of dink and dunk offense which ended in a missed Stephen Gostkowski field goal. I must say, the Dolphins defense looks a lot better than last week. But anything right now is an improvement over last weekends debacle. Also nice to see the team respond after all the news drama that has been coming out of Miami.

Ryan Fitzpatrick went DEEP to DeVante Parker who had the chance to make the tough catch but dropped it. Again, the offense goes three and out after the ball is batted at the line of scrimmage on third down. This is followed by a bad, 21 yard punt by Matt Haack.

The defense has been getting pressure on Brady and they finally get to him. John Jenkins gets the credit there as he absolutely destroyed the guard. However, Brady does his thing and converts with Phillip Dorsett on a long third down. The Patriots go down the field and Brown gets his first touchdown as a Patriot as he pushed off of Jomal Wiltz. Patriots are now up 13 - 0 as Brian Flores ices Gostkowski, with a random timeout, on the extra point.

Again, the offense proceeds to go three and out and punts giving the Patriots 13 seconds before halftime. Pats kneel and that is the end of the first half.

Patriots 13 -0.

Second Half Recap:

The Dolphins need to make a play to get in on this game as the defense stops the Pats offense before midfield. Ryan Fitzpatrick is still in there and I honestly don’t think Josh Rosen could do any worse. The offense proves me right as Fitzpatrick gets picked as he throws into triple coverage and gives the Patriots good field position.

The Patriots drive downfield but a great defensive stand by the defense leads to a Gostkowski field goal. Pats 16 - 0.

You guessed it! Another three and out for this Dolphins offense that has generated 49 yards today. I have seen enough to know that Rosen can’t do much worse.

Patriots driving down the field and get away with a obvious pick play that refs don’t call. Flores throws the challenge flag for offensive pass interference and wins it. The penalty doesn’t matter as they get all the yardage back on the next play with a big completion to Julian Edelman. The drive is capped off by a Tom Brady run at the goaline. Patriots 23 - 0.

Jakeem Grant with a nice return to get the ball to the 35 yard line. Rosen is still on the sideline as Fitzpatrick gets sacked on the first play, incomplete on second, sacked on third. 38 yards of offense by the way. End of the third quarter.

I am convinced Eric Rowe still plays for the Patriots as he continues to make bone head decisions and extend Patriot drives. Patriots then decide to have back to back penalties to stall their drive and are forced to punt.

ALERT! THE DOLPHINS OFFENSE JUST GOT A FIRST DOWN! Their third of the day so far. Dolphins face another third down at midfield and Fitzpatrick proceeds to get picked off by Stephon Gilmore and the cornerback returns it for 6. I can’t believe a veteran even throws that pass late across the middle. Patriots 30 - 0.

Fitzpatrick still in there, might as well let him finish now. Preston Williams wide open and still forced to make a tough catch as Fitzpatrick almost overthrows him. Williams again with a nice catch to keep the drive going. I can only laugh now as the ball is in Kalen Ballage’s hands, who then proceeds to pop the ball up in Jamie Collins’ hands as the linebacker returns this one for 6. Patriots 37 - 0.

Oh, now let’s put Josh Rosen in at quarterback. Rosen hesitates on his first dropback and is sacked. Proceeds to find Allen Hurns over the middle on the next play and with the help of a defensive penalty the chains are moving down field. Rosen throws a dime to Jakeem Grant and drops a deep would be touchdown. Rosen throws another dime to Williams who drops this one on third down which could have been a touchdown. Rosen hits Drake to convert the fourth down and keep the drive going. An airmail ball is nearly picked off as Rosen misses Hurns near the endzone. Rosen gets sacked on third down and that is the sixth sack allowed today. Dolphins can’t convert the long 4th down and Patriots takeover.

Oh wow, first play from the Patriots is a Michel fumble and recovered by Minkah Fitzpatrick near the 40 yard line. Rosen incomplete on first down to Parker and gets hurt on the next play but jogs off and comes back in. Miscommunication on the next throw as Rosen goes long and Grant stays short. Incomplete on fourth.

Patriots still throwing for whatever reason as Brady completes deep to Rex Burkhead. Patriots now in the redzone after an Edelman reception. Brady dump off to James White for 6. Patriots 43 - 0 after another missed extra point.

Not gonna lie, I was vaguely listening to the last Dolphins drive. Rosen drove the team into field goal range and then into the redzone. Ball is tipped at the line and is picked off.

Patriots 43 - 0.

Final Reactions:

The Dolphins were down by 13 at halftime and then everything just unraveled. Ryan Fitzpatrick was bad , Josh Rosen tried to give the offense a spark but didn’t get any help, and after a good first half the defense decided to just call it quits.

It was competitive early but the Patriots did their thing and decided to run away with it.

We’ve made it through two weeks Dolphin fans, we can survive and I know it is going to be hard to watch this team, but it will be so worth it in the end.