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Fan confidence plummets after Dolphins loss to Ravens

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Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins are preparing for their Week 2 contest against the New England Patriots on Sunday, a game they hope will be more competitive than their last time getting on the field. In their Week 1 contest against the Baltimore Ravens, the game was over practically as soon as the Ravens broke a 49-yard run on the opening play of the game. Miami never slowed Baltimore, and the 59-10 final score seems closer than the game ever felt.

That kind of beatdown typically reflects in the fanbase’s confidence in the team, and it definitely did for the Dolphins this week. Even in a year where the team is expected to struggle, opening the season in that was was painful for the team and painful to watch for the fans.

Our weekly SB Nation FanPulse fan confidence survey saw the fan confidence in the direction of the Dolphins drop from 58 percent ahead of Week 1 to just 34 percent before Week 2. Both of those are down from the high mark of the offseason when 69 percent of the fan base said they were confident in Miami’s direction after the Draft.

The 24-point drop was only the tenth biggest drop around SB Nation’s team sites this week. The Falcoholic, covering the Atlanta Falcons, had a 66 percent drop, from 88 percent confidence down to 22 percent, to mark the biggest fall-off in the NFL. The biggest drop in the AFC East was also not Miami, but was rather at Gang Green Nation and the New York Jets, where prior to Week 1, 80 percent of the fans were confident and heading into Week 2, just 19 percent say they are confidence, a 61 percent swing.

Buffalo Rumblings, covering the Buffalo Bills, droped from 85 percent of their fans saying they are confident in the direction of the team before Week 1 to 77 percent before Week 2. And, rounding out the AFC East, Pats Pulpit, the New England Patriots team site, remained steady at 96 percent of their fans confident in the team.

The Dolphins and Patriots will kick off at 1pm ET on Sunday.