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Miami Dolphins podcast (Phinsider Radio): Dolphins vs. Patriots and Miami’s direction as a team

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NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

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The Miami Dolphins look to pick up the pieces after an embarrassing home loss to the Baltimore Ravens this past Sunday. The kryptonite that Hard Rock Stadium usually poses towards a visiting New England Patriots team seems like weak sauce when staring at the 19-point spread as a home underdog. What kind of contest should Dolphins fans expect? Cannata, Houtz, and I (Sutton) will hash that out. We will also find opportunities to make fun of Matthew.

Naturally, inevitably, we’ll discuss the future of the organization and whether the plan being carried out is the correct one for the Dolphins. Would we have done anything differently? Are people really that shocked about the teams’ intention in 2019 or is it the residual embarrassment of the Week 1 loss?

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