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Stephen Ross to host Donald Trump fundraiser, Kenny Stills responds

The Dolphins’ wide receiver had some choice words for his owner, after news broke Ross would be hosting a $250,000 Trump fundraiser later in the year

Miami Dolphins Training Camp Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

We are officially one day away from the start of the Miami Dolphins’ 2019 preseason. So obviously, excitement is high and fans are anxiously waiting for the ‘official’ start of the Brian Flores’ era.


Instead, all the talk today is about Stephen Ross, Donald Trump and Dolphins’ wide receiver Kenny Stills.

For those that don’t know, Ross is and President Trump have had a business relationship and friendship dating back to their days in the USFL. Last night, news broke that Ross would be hosting a $250,000 fundraiser.

Stills, however, disagreed with Ross and his decision to host the event. He tweeted about Ross’ dinner:

Ross founded the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality, or R.I.S.E, a non-profit organization that supports racial equality. Stills tweeted that you cannot have RISE and support Trump at the same time.

The mission of RISE, according to their website is:

We are a national nonprofit that educates and empowers the sports community to eliminate racial discrimination, champion social justice and improve race relations.

Ross’ support for the President, a man with whom he has a relationship, is not surprising. Stills’ viewpoint on this situation is not surprising. The question becomes, will the two sides be able to disagree, discuss the situation, debate it, and maybe have an impact on each other, or will this become too much for one side or the other?

Editor’s Note: This article is clearly a political post on a site where we do not typically allow political discussion. While we will allow political talk in the comments of this thread, and ONLY this thread, please keep it civil. Personal attacks or over the top denunciations will not be tolerated.