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Reactions to Dolphins’ Third Preseason Game, Roster Cuts, Upcoming Final Preseason Game, and Other News

Bringing you the chatter from Dolphins’ Twitter and NFL related news

Miami Dolphins training camp Carl Juste/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Happy Tuesday fans! We’re just 12 days away from the start of the 2019 season and if you’ve been on social media today, especially Twitter, you probably noticed the Dolphins have been busy preparing for it. The 53 man roster deadline for all NFL teams is this Saturday, August 31st at 4pm EST, and our Dolphins are already making cuts.

Roster Cuts

Here are the following cuts so far from today that I’ve seen on Twitter:

  • OT Jordan Mills
  • TE Clive Walford (injury settlement)
  • DT Akeem Smith
  • LB Chase Allen

Another one from yesterday was S TJ McDonald, who came as a surprise for many.

Like Ian said in his tweet, the Miami Dolphins are in rebuilding mode. I expect more surprising (maybe not so shocking) cuts to be made as well. Here’s a tweet giving some info on cap space the Dolphins saved from the cuts.

I’m not as knowledgeable when it comes to the whole cap space talk and possible reasoning behind cuts. I try my best to read up on it and I’m still learning. That being said, here is an interesting thread explaining some of the moves the Dolphins have made, and reasoning behind it. Thanks Chris Kouffman.

Now, I’m going to have to reread that a few times and probably ask someone for clarity on it, but basically if you’re still one of those fans expecting our team to win many games this season, good luck. I have fans ask me how our team will be like this season, how many games we may win, wishing us luck, etc. I mostly respond with a laugh, because I’ve already planned mentally that we may very well not win many games. I’m okay with it, if it means we’re preparing to be a better more successful team in the long run. Looks like others also agree with the mindset of how our team will be this season.

In order to rebuild the right way, we need to let go of some veteran players. Who else do you think will be cut? Stills or maybe Alonso? Lots of talk circulating, but I guess we’ll all find out over the next few days. Just have to keep reminding ourselves fans that we are rebuilding. This will all be worth it come 2020-2021. I mean, I really hope so. It’s what I tell myself.

Last Week’s Game

Last week’s third preseason game started off terribly slow. It was actually quite boring, but we saw some good things happen. Let’s mention those and then move on to quarterback talk. The good: Minkah Fitzpatrick had an amazing hit and looked to be back to himself, Gesicki had a couple of decent plays, defense was alright at times, Chandler Cox is a stud

(War Eagle), Baker and Eguavoen should have a good year, and our special teams unit overall performed the best.

Now time for the bad: offense (besides the initial drive by Rosen)

On to the quarterback discussion and what is happening on Twitter related to them.

We all witnessed how bad Fitzpatrick played against the Jaguars. Still think the Dolphins made a bad decision signing him? This tweet by Adam made me laugh, because I saw fans who believed that signing Fitz would potentially make us too good.

Don’t get me wrong, I assumed he would play decently. Well, for maybe 2-3 games, but if last week’s game is a sign of how our season will be, I’m already looking forward to the 2020 Draft.

We can all agree Rosen definitely had the better performance. We all witnessed that, and if you went on Twitter that night, everyone else stated the same. Rosen lead a 99-yard drive. Yes, it was against 2nd or 3rd string players, but still very impressive. You’d think after that performance he secured his position as starting quarterback. However, there is still no word on who will be named starter week one.

Do we think it could be the lack of protection? Do you agree with this tweet?

Could the reason Flores is not starting him be because our offensive line is non-existent? You know, besides Tunsil (who is not being traded so I’m just gonna ignore that hot mess that is on Twitter). I mean, we all saw the beatings Tannehill took for 7 years and I’m not sure if Rosen is ready for all of those consistent beat downs nor if Flores wants him in that position.

Upcoming Game and Other News

Based on tweets from today, Fitzpatrick is ill (not practicing) and will most likely miss the last preseason game. So, that being said, what does that mean for week one I wonder. Here’s something to ponder.

I guess we’ll see. Other players to note who missed practice today.

Based on a tweet by Armando Salguero of Miami Herald, Stills was out because of a minor leg injury.

One other Dolphins’ related item was the tweet on Monday from Adam Schefter.

I feel bad for Henne, but look at our former Dolphins’ players still out there doing their thing. I’m a big Mahomes fan, personally, so I hope he stays healthy all season but would be interesting to see Matt Moore play a game this season. You know, where it’s not going to stress us out because it won’t matter (that is of course unless they play the Patriots or another rival team). Personally, it’s still going to be weird to see Tannehill and Wake in a different jersey, but I’ve come to terms with that already.

Fan Clubs

I mentioned this on Twitter today, but please reach out to me if you have a local Dolphins’ fan club. Next week I’m going to list all the fan clubs, which I know was done last year, but I want to see if there are any new ones our there or maybe for newer Dolphins’ fans who have yet to find a local fan club. Next week, we’ll discuss the upcoming season and I can also fill any fans in on events for upcoming games and would love feedback if you know of anything that is worth sharing for fellow fans.

The Dolphins have one last game this Thursday, 8pm, in Nola against the Saints. I’m not even sure if I will be able to get the game locally. It’s the last preseason game, so don’t expect much to come from it as majority of our starters will be sitting out.

Enjoy the long weekend and hope you all have an enjoyable Labor Day weekend! I will be glued to my television on Saturday watching all the college games and hoping for an Auburn win on Saturday night.

See you all next week!

P.S. I posted this cooler my dad found for me at Lowe’s in Pensacola, Florida for $28. I had several fans ask me about it.

Pretty cool, right? Supposedly fits 30 cans with ice and the stitching on the outside is well done. I’m finding out if there are more, but if you’re in the Pensacola area go check it out.