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Miami Memes - P3

News & Notes

What, me worry?

“Man, I wish there was some NFL news. The socials are so boring lately,” said NOBODY!

Where oh where to begin? Well, for starters, there were already some whacky trade rumors circulating coming into Saturday. The oddest of which involved your Miami Dolphins supposedly actively shopping their young stud LT Laremy Tunsil.

Even if Miami were doing a complete burn-it-to-the-ground rebuild, you don’t cast away young talented cornerstone pieces. At some point people need to give the things they read the common sense sniff test before losing their minds on the socials.

I mean, who could possibly trade away a supremely talented LT who shows up on gameday looking like an oversized Tupac Shakur while rocking a Guns & Roses t-shirt? I didn’t even edit the below photo - he’s just that cool.

Tupac Tunsil

Maybe Tunsil was just giving props on the down-low our new QB and my new FFL team at work, Guns & Rosen with that t-shirt?

Sweet QB o’ Mine

Regardless, there was a game played Thursday night which saw your Miami Dolphins defeat the Jacksonville Grumpy Cats 22-7. That final score is deceiving, because Miami started Ryan Fitzpatrick who looked bad the entire first half.

Maybe Fitzy has THE DIABEETUS and was suffering from low blood sugar?

Dad Bod training

Meanwhile, we finally saw Josh Rosen enter the game about midway through the 3rd quarter and it was worth the wait. Nailed some good throws of various ranges, showed good vision and was almost our leading rusher!

You could say Rosen has given Fitzpatrick’s hold on the QB1 position a solid stiff-arm.

Sit down, be humble

This QB race just got more interesting because the oft-injured franchise QB Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts just retired halfway through their 3rd preseason game. Same goes for the RB mix as the Houston Texans losing their RB1 Lamar Miller for the year due to an ACL tear.

Consequently, let’s just say Miami HC Brian Flores is now being asked some really odd questions at his press conferences.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Back to Miami’s game, you’ll never guess who the featured receivers were. In a refreshing change, the TE group got involved with some big plays this game!

Am sure you’ve heard that #83 TE Nick O’Leary is the grandson of legendary golfer The Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus? To honor this, he has been dubbed The Ginger Bear by Dolphins superfan Steve (@1stevehallett) on Twitter. This is for you Steve:

Making grandpa proud

And did you see that hit by stud DB Minkah Fitzpatrick on Jags WR Dede Westbrooks coming across the middle? Holy smokes!

Being the gentleman that he is, Minkah came out to read Westbrooks his last rites as his soul left the body.


And where was all-everything RB Patrick Laird, the star of our last game? Our hero came back and picked right up where he left off, slaying Jaguars this time.

Here Kitty Kitty

And just like the last game, Laird scored another touchdown, this time running into the endzone for six. He even got the 2pt conversion before it was called back on a stupid penalty.

Our new weapon

In my opinion, there is no way RB Patrick Laird isn’t on the 2019 Miami Dolphins final roster.

You could say Laird making the team is a slam dunk.


Does this make Drake available now?

Wait, pretend I didn’t say that...