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2020 NFL Draft Preview: Offensive Guard

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 01 Oregon at Washington State Photo by Steve Conner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins will enter this season with newly added Michael Deiter at LG and veteran Jesse Davis at RG. I am very excited to see Deiter play; I believe he is a great addition and could hold that spot on our offense for a long time. Getting some long term reliability along our offensive line is something we aren’t used to as Dolphin’s fans, so it’s pretty cool that we have two promising young guys in Deiter and Tunsil along our line. As for the RG position, I see Davis is a decent guard. He brings toughness, leadership and versatility to the table but I don’t see him as a long term starter. I truly respect Davis for all the hard work he has put in to get here he is and I really hope he plays well this year. However, I am seeing a lot of real talent in this guard class for the 2020 draft. I see a ton of depth much like the OT class, and would not be surprised to see starters emerge from the middle rounds of this draft. So with that said, lets take a look at this potential class...

Solomon Kindley, Georgia (Jr)

Kindley is a massive guard that started at RG for the Bulldogs over the last two seasons. Kindley is a solid pass protector. I rarely saw him get beat, he uses his hands extremely well, has a tremendous anchor and has good recognition of stuns and blitzers. In the running game he does well, but isn’t dominate. He needs to latch unto defenders better and work on driving them back. He also isn’t the most athletic guy, but I don’t see this as a real big negative. Overall, Kindley is a solid guard that I see starting potential in at the next level.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 28 Georgia v Florida Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ben Bredeson, Michigan (Sr)

Bredeson has ideal size, standing at 6’-5” and coming in around 315 lbs. He also has great experience, starting the last 33 games. His film shows me that he is a very well-rounded guard. There were multiple times where he really impressed me in both the run and passing game. I think he holds up well against the bull rush, has a good base, good hand use, shows great recognition of blitzers/stuns and can get to the second level. However, for every time he impressed me there were times that really disappointed me. I saw multiple times where he was actually pushed back a bit on running plays; he definitely needs to drive better than what his film shows. Sure, he can get to the second level, but he often misses blocks too. Bredeson was really an interesting tape for me – I still don’t think I have a firm hold on what kind of player he is. His motor is very good, and he was voted a team captain for this upcoming season. Right now, I do see a lot of starting guard qualities in his play. I think with another strong season he could be a 2nd or 3rd round guy.

Michigan v Maryland Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Shane Lemieux, Oregon (Sr)

As far as offensive line film goes, Lemieux is a fun guy to watch. The best film for any offensive lineman I’ve ever seen was Quentin Nelson; I mean you didn’t even have to appreciate O-line work to enjoy his film. He simply abused defenders with ease. Now, Lemieux’s film isn’t Nelson’s – frankly it is not close. However, there were times where it reminded me of Nelson’s. He certainly has mauler-like traits. He has good strength, strong anchor, good footwork, very athletic and impressive awareness. Let’s go deeper into his athleticism for a minute – he is the best pulling guard I have scouted this year. He is quick, fast, and effective. Once he reaches the hole where the ball is going, he blows up the defender there. He rarely whiffs on blocks. I think he is good as a pass protector, and obviously I was impressed with his run blocking. Overall, I really liked Lemieux’s tape. I have high expectations for him this season.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 02 Southern Utah at Oregon Photo by Brian Murphy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ben Cleveland, Georgia (Sr)

Cleveland, much like his teammate, is a great pass protector. He does a good job using his hands to latch onto defenders, shows good footwork and has a reliable anchor. I think he also is a pretty good run blocker as well. The main concern I see in Cleveland is that although he does most everything you look for in a guard well, he just isn’t dominate. He also has some injury concerns – his most recent injury happened last September when he fractured his left fibula. I think Cleveland has starting potential though, I really liked his film and I don’t think he’s getting much attention. With a good, healthy season in 2019, I could see him going pretty early in the 2020 draft.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: APR 20 Georgia Spring Game Photo by John Adams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

John Simpson, Clemson (Sr)

Simpson has great size and shows good strength. He’s got a good base and can hold his own very well against bull rushers. I saw him struggle however, in both the running and passing game. I think he is not all that athletic and is occasionally off balance. I also did not see the nastiness or dominance you would expect from such a big guy. I still have more film to get into on him, but so far, Simpson needs to show improvement this year to rise up draft boards.

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 07 Clemson at Boston College Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Other Notable Guard Prospects:

Alex Leatherwood, Alabama (Jr)
Darryl Williams, Mississippi St. (Sr)
Brandon Bowen, Ohio St. (Sr)
Damien Lewis, LSU (Sr)
Marquel Harrell, Auburn (Sr)
Daishawn Dixon, San Diego St. (Sr)
John Molchon, Boise St. (Sr)
Michael Onwenu, Michigan (Sr)
Tommy Kraemer, Notre Dame (Sr)
Jonah Jackson, Ohio St. (Sr)
Kevin Jarvis, Michigan St. (Jr)
Logan Stenberg, Kentucky (Sr)