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Miami Dolphins: Jakeem Grant signs extension, Flores vs. Stills, and the QB competition

Today on Phinsider Daily, we look at the Jakeem Grant extension, talk about the messages Brian Flores is trying to send to Kenny Stills and others, and the QB competition.

Jakeem Grant Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Today on Phinsider Daily, Matt Cannata takes a quick look at the long-term extension that Jakeem Grant just signed with the Miami Dolphins. What might they have in mind for Grant moving forward and why was he a priority even though he is fourth or fifth on the depth chart? Cannata looks at several possibilities.

He also looks at Brian Flores and the messages he is trying to send. He’s sent quite a few in camp already, with Kenny Stills being the latest victim. In fact, he played 7-8 Jay Z consecutive songs at Tuesday’s practice. This drama comes on the heels of Stills calling out Jay Z and his new social reform efforts with the NFL. What does it all mean, and is Stills nearing his end in Miami?

We also look at the infamous quarterback competition between Josh Rosen and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Who’s going to come out on top? Flores may have left a few clues in his press conferences this week, but won’t commit to a starter until at least Friday.

Be sure to join Cannata on Phinsider Daily for all of this and more regarding YOUR Miami Dolphins.