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Phinsider Daily: the latest impressions and revelations from the ground at 2019 Miami Dolphins training camp

Don’t blink, it’ll be the preseason before you know it.

Miami Dolphins Training Camp Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Phinsider Daily is a new spin-off of Phinsider Radio and now, we’ll be coming to you five days per week for your Miami Dolphins scoop, Monday-Friday.

The flagship show of Matthew Cannata, Josh Houtz, and Aaron Sutton continues for its 4th season. In addition to that, Matt (Monday), A-A-Ron (Tuesday), and Josh (Wednesday) will bring their own 20-minute podcast to the cyberspace air waves — we’ll alternate on Fridays.

Here’s what’s in store for this episode of Phinsider Daily, and make sure you follow me on Twitter @ASuttonPFN!

I get all the latest news on the ground from Erick Trader (@bleedaquaorange) from Miami Dolphins training camp.

~ Erick has attended training camp for years, I’ll ask him if he feels this is a better conditioned ball club compared to previous rosters.

~ How has the OL group responded to the coaching changes?

~ Any young or unexpected players emerging and getting noticed?

~ How do the rookies look? Christian Wilkins? Michael Deiter?

~ Is the traffic in south Florida really that bad?

I’ll get you as many stories as I can in a 20 minute jam-packed edition of Phinsider Daily!

Be sure to tune in by clicking the link below or finding us on iTunes/your favorite podcast app. Simply search for The Phinsider.