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Dolphins at Buccaneers: Final score, recap, and immediate reactions in Preseason Week 2

NFL: Preseason-Miami Dolphins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers used a last-minute drive to come away with a Preseason Week 2 victory over the Miami Dolphins. It was a pretty boring game most of the way, but some fireworks started late in the fourth quarter, and suddenly both teams found some offense.

With a field goal with only seconds remaining on the clock, the Buccaneers took a 16-14 lead, and won the game.


First Half

The Buccaneers started the game receiving the opening kick and setting up their offense at their own 24-yard line. After an incomplete pass to start the possession, the Tampa Bay offense found some rhythm with Jameis Winston completing 16- and 8-yard passes on the next two plays. Peyton Barber picked up five yards on two straight carries before Winston scrambled for five yards, with a Dolphins holding penalty adding another five yards. Ronald Jones picked up ten yards on the next play before losing three from the Dolphins 27. After an incomplete pass, Charles Harris cleaned up after Jerome Baker pressured Winston, coming up with the sack and forcing the drive to end with a punt.

The Dolphins were unable to do anything with the ball on their first posession, however. Rosen was incomplete looking for Kenny Stills on a ball thrown toward the ground more than toward the receiver on the first play. Rosen connected with Isaiah Ford on second down for five yards, then had Preston Williams for the first down on the 3rd-and-5 play, but the receiver dropped the ball and Matt Haack had to come on to punt.

The Buccaneers turned to Blaine Gabbert after the punt, finding Andre Ellington on the first down play. Ellington then ran for two yards. On third down, Gabbert again found Ellington, who coughed up the ball on the hit from Sam Eguavoen, with Eric Rowe recovering. After the review, the call stood.

Miami turned to running back Mark Walton on the next drive, seeing him pick up three yards on the first play, then 12 yards on a reception on the second. After a one-yard loss, Walton came back with a two-yard gain. Rosen found Williams for seven yards on 3rd-and-9, but an unnecessary roughness penalty game Miami a first down. The Dolphins then gave up ten yards with a holding penalty. Rosen found Stills for seven yards, then lost one on a Walton run. Rosen connected with tight end Mike Gesicki on 3rd-and-Goal, but came up two yards short of the endzone. After a Buccaneers timeout, Miami failed on a fourth-down throw toward Ford.

The Buccaneers started at their own two-yard line after the turnover on downs, but picked up ten yards on a Dare Ogunbowale run. After that, the drive stalled with Ogunbaowale picking up three yards followed by two incomplete passes. Tampa Bay punted.

Myles Gaskin took over at running back on the next possession, picking up nine yards on the first play, then losing five on the second, but a five-yard penalty negated the play and gave Miami a first down. Rosen was incomplete on the following play, looking toward Gesicki. He then connected with Gesicki on second down for a seven yard gain. On 3rd-and-3, Rosen found Kenny Stills for nine yard and a new set of downs. Gaskin lost a yard on first down, then a false start penalty backed up Miami five more yards. Rosen found Brice Butler for 11 yards, then threw toward Williams on 3rd-and-5, but the receiver was well covered and the hit knocked away the pass. Miami connected on the 45-yard field goal attempt by Jason Sanders.

Dolphins 3-0.

Tampa Bay started at the 22-yard line after the kickoff. Ellington picked up two yards on the first play, then Gabbert threw incomplete on second down. Gabbert scrambled for six yards on third down, leading to a punt.

Miami’s drive was no better. After a short run from Walton, two straight sacks of Rosen ended the drive.

Ogunbowale picked up just a yard on the first down play, with Akeem Spence making the stop. Gabbert then found tight end Tanner Hudson for four yards. Gabbert connected with Bobo Wilson for a wide-open catch and run leading to a 30-yard gain. Miami’s defense clearly missed Wilson in an assignment. After an incomplete pass and a run for no gain, Tampa Bay picked up nine yards on a pass to Hudson, then converted the 4th-and-1 play with an Ogunbowale one-yard run. He then lost a yard on the next play, with Eguavoen making the stop in the backfield. Gabbert then threw a pass to no one, trying to hold up as he saw a defender flash in front of his receiver. Miami’s first-round pick, defensive tackle Christian Wilkins sacked Gabbert on third down, with Tampa Bay converting on the field goal.

Tie 3-3.

After the kickoff, Miami went from their own 24 to their 46-yard line as Rosen scrambled away from pressure then found tight end Durham Smythe for the 22-yard gain. After the two-minute warning, Gaskin picked up two yards. He then picked up three more yards on the next play. On 3rd-and-5, Rosen lobbed a pass directly to the defense, but it was dropped and Miami escaped with a punt.

Gabbert looked toward Justin Watson on the first play, but Chris Lammons was able to break up the pass. Harris came up with a sack on the next play, then Wilkins was able to pressure Gabbert straight up the middle, forcing an incomplete pass. The Buccaneers punted.

Miami started the drive with 30 seconds on the clock looking to pick up chunks of yards to at least get in position for a field goal. Rosen found Ford for 15 yards on the first play, then was ruled to have found Williams for an 11 yard gain, but the play was overturned when replay showed the ball clearly hit the ground first. Rosen was sacked on the next play when Jaryd Jones-Smith completely missed on the block at left tackle. Rosen looked to the endzone on the next play, with Williams tipping the ball to himself for what appeared to be a score, but his toes had touched out of bounds just before he caught the ball and it was ruled incomplete. Miami connected on the 49-yard field goal.

Dolphins 6-3.

Miami squib-kicked the kickoff for the end of the half

Second Half

Miami started the second half with the ball and Ryan Fitzpatrick entering the contest. He threw incomplete on first down, the Gaskin picked up one yard on second down. On 3rd-and-9, tight end Nick O’Leary caught a five yard pass, leading to a punt. After a 57-yard punt, the Buccaneers were called for too many players on the field and gave Miami a new set of downs. They did nothing with it, however, as Gasking picked up three yards, then Fitzpatrick threw an incomplete pass followed by a sack. Miami punted again, this time with Haack kicking the ball 55 yards to no returner as the Buccaneers had no one back deep after the returner recognized they again had 12 players on the field.

Ogunbowale picked up nine yards on first down, then three on second down, then caught Ryan Griffin for five yards. He then picked up five more before an illegal block penalty backed up Tampa Bay. Griffin connected with Ogunbowale for 45 yards, but a holding penalty negated the play, leading to a 1st-and-22. Griffin connected on an eight-yard pass to Ellington, then was incomplete looking for Watson. Griffin looked deep on 3rd-and-14, but it fell incomplete and the Buccaneers punted.

After a Fitzpatrick pass toward Allen Hurns fell incomplete, Miami picked up one yard on a Patrick Laird run up the middle. Laird then ran for three yards, only to have a holding penalty called on fullback Chandler Cox and Miami lose ten yards. Fitzpatrick then found Brice Butler for seven yards, followed by an incomplete pass toward O’Leary. On 3rd-and-13, Miami only gained two yards as Fitzpatrick scrambled away from pressure. Miami punted.

Tampa Bay picked up 13 yards on the first play, an Ellington run. Griffin passed to Antony Auclair for a four-yard loss. Ellington then picked up seven yards, followed by two yards, then Griffin found Ellington for seven yards. On 3rd-and-1, the Dolphins stuffed the middle of the line, with Kiko Alonso recording the tackle for a one-yard loss. The Buccaneers punted.

On first down from their own 10-yard line, Miami saw Kenneth Farrow break a 34-yard run, then follow it up for three yards. Fitzpatrick threw incomplete on second down, then ran for 15 yards, including dropping his shoulder and trying to run through a defender, only to have the play negated by a holding penalty. Fitzpatrick threw an incomplete pass on the replayed third down and Miami punted.

Griffin threw an incomplete pass on first down, then tried a screen pass on second down only to have Lammons make the tackle on Watson for a one-yard loss. On 3rd-and-11, Griffin looked deep to Watson, for a 23-yard gain on a play where Griffin was nearly sacked. After two incomplete passes, Miami brought pressure on Griffin, only to have a screen pass lead to a 41-yard gain. Bruce Anderson picked up two yards, then Ogunbowale picked up another two. On 3rd-and-Goal, Ogunbowale lost a yard, and the Buccaneers settled for the field goal.

Tied 6-6.

The Dolphins set up on their own 23 after the kickoff, then a false start penalty backed them up five yards. Laird then picked up eight yards before Jake Rudock, now in at quarterback for Miami, threw an incomplete pass. A roughing the passer penalty gave Miami a free first down, then Laird ran for no gain. Rudock found Chris Myarick on the next play for 16 yards, then Laird burst free for 22 yards on first down. Laird came back for five yards on the next play, but a holding penalty backed up Miami ten yards. Rudock was again incomplete on his next throw, but another roughing the penalty call gave Miami 15 yards and a first down. Laird then picked up three yards. Rudock looked for Clive Walford in the endzone, but the ball fell incomplete. Rudock looked to the endzone again on third down, but it was picked off by Jamel Dean.

The Buccaneers took it to the Dolphins on the next possession. After a one-yard run from Anderson, Griffin found Wilson for 18 yards, then found Hudson for 31 yards down to the Miami 30. Ogunbowale then picked up one-yard each on two consecutive runs. Griffin threw an incomplete pass down the right sideline, looking for Watson. After a challenge from Bruce Arians, the referees determined there was defensive pass interference from Tyler Patmon on Watson, setting up 1st-and-Goal at the Miami four. Griffin found Hudson for the score on the next play.

Buccaneers 13-6.

Rudock looked to Farrow on a screen pass for one yard on first down, the Farrow burst through the line for what appeared to be a good run only to have a holding penalty bring it back. Two straight incomplete passes led to a punt.

Anderson picked up nothing on a first-down run, then Griffin was sacked by Nate Orchard on second down. Griffin found Anderson for a six yard gain on third down, leading to a punt.

And Miami had possibly the strangest punt return ever. Trent Irwin returned the kick seven yards and, as he was tackled, the ball flew loose for a fumble, but landed straight in Chris Lammons’ arms, and the cornerback continued the return for another 26 yards. Rudock found Walford for 10 yards on first down, then was sacked for a 10-yard loss on the next play. Rudock then found Saeed Blacknall for a 25-yard gain. He then connected with Reese Horn for 12 yards. Laird picked up six yards on the next play. After an incomplete pass, Ruddock found Laird for an eight yard touchdown, then found Irwin for the two-point conversion.

Dolphins 14-13.

With 34 seconds remaining, Griffin threw an incomplete pass. Then he found Hudson for 18 yards. Another incomplete pass was followed by a 27 yard pass to Hudson. Tampa Bay then set up and connected on a 48-yard field goal.

Buccaneers 16-14.

Miami knelt to kill the clock after the kickoff.

Immediate reactions

First Half

Jerome Baker is a monster on defense. I do not think there is a place on the field where he cannot be instantaneously. He seems to simply be in on every play.

Sam Eguavoen is on the roster and could be a starter at this point. He was also having an impact on special teams.

Charles Harris had a good game as well. In fact, the Dolphins defensive line showed some pressure on the night, a good sign that maybe they will be able to get after the quarterback more than we think.

Josh Rosen played the entire first half, and he was fine. There was no special moment, but there was nothing horrible either. He did have one really bad throw that should have been picked off, and a few great plays where he avoided pressure. Overall, a 10-for-18, 102 yard day.

Preston Williams struggled most of the night, dropping passes he should have caught. The play at the end of the half was almost enough to forget about the rest of the first 30 minutes, but he just seemed off all night. He caught one pass for seven yards, while being targeted six times.

The offensive line is still the Dolphins offensive line.

Second Half

Fitzpatrick did not come out and light it up, so it is probably still a competition at quarterback and no one is pulling ahead. At this point, I would guess Fitzpatrick starts Week 1, but I would give it to Rosen - if they are equal, what do you have to lose with playing the younger player that you need to see anyway? Fitzpatrick finished 3-for-9 for 20 yards.

The Dolphins defense actually played pretty well throughout most of the game. In the fourth quarter, they started letting up some, but the main defensive players were effective. The Buccaneers got their starting offense off the field pretty quickly, so there is a caveat to that, but overall, it was a pretty good game for the defense.

The game as a whole just felt...meh. Looking back at the coaches film later may show some great performances, but really, nothing jumped out right away. Eguavoen recorded eight tackles, two for a loss, along with the forced fumble, and that was really great, while Harris had 1.5 sacks and four tackles.