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Reactions to Miami Dolphins’ First Preseason Game and Other News

NFL: AUG 08 Preseason - Falcons at Dolphins Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins had their first preseason game last Thursday against the Atlanta Falcons. I know the game can be difficult to watch for some fans who don’t live in the viewing area and/or don’t want to pay the costs for the NFL Game Pass (I understand that). I’m hoping by now, most of you all had a chance to catch a replay or at least read/hear about the game online from the many beat writers, podcasts, and sites like The Phinsider and others. I luckily was able to catch part of the game since I live in Atlanta. Now, on to the game and reactions I saw across Twitter.

By now you all know the Dolphins won, 34-27, and yes we’re all aware preseason outcomes don’t matter but let’s be honest about it. I’m pretty sure the Dolphins are heading towards an undefeated season. Josh Houtz clearly agrees as well.

I mean, Miami is hosting the Super Bowl this year, so clearly it’s going to happen. Since that is still way too far away, let’s discuss reactions to the game from last Thursday.

Reactions to the Game

What did you all think about it? There have been a few articles and threads about the game and I scrolled through many of the comments. I mostly agreed with many of your reactions to it. Our Offensive Line is definitely still atrocious. That’s one area we’re lacking quality depth on for sure (our best guy, Tunsil, sat out this one) and I look forward to the day when it won’t be the main discussed issue every season (well that and quarterback apparently). The Defensive Line did alright for the first game. One of our top picks from the draft was DT Christian Wilkins and he made his first appearance last Thursday. I personally think he’s going to be one amazing player as he gains more experience and practice with each passing week. I thought most reactions were positive for him, like here with Travis Wingfield’s tweet.

Or this clip that Houtz tweeted out and stating how he will be a key part of the defense.

However, with that being said, you always will get some of the other views.

I agree with replies to his tweet stating it was his first game and calm down. He didn’t play bad, so I’m not understanding this initial reaction nor agree that Wilkins is considered “average”. Remember, many of my weekly pieces are to bring you reactions from the fans (whether we agree or not). This is one I don’t agree with, in case you were wondering.

The one player from Thursday that everyone seems to be agreement on is Dolphins’ unicorn Preston Williams. I think he was the most talked about player and had the best performance of the game. I wrote about him a couple months ago and said I was sure he would prove to be someone we lucked out on signing. I know, just one game and all, but let’s check out all the positive talk about Williams.

First off, the announcer from the game stated how this catch will be trending all over social media.

He was correct.

The one-handed catch for sure.

How about this one as well. Yes, Williams was unbelievable, esp as an undrafted rookie.

He is correct with this tweet. This is the point of preseason games. We want to see the rookies and they need to prove they are worthy of making the 53-man roster.

Here’s a great thread on Preston William’s performance from Thursday.

Aren’t you glad we signed him? It’s a tad selfish, but I’m kinda glad he went undrafted because we lucked out snagging a possible top wide receiver.

I will be honest and didn’t know much about him until I found college film from all his games that a guy made posted on YouTube. His passion and excitement for the game is contagious and I’m looking forward to watching him become the star others believe he will be one day.

You can do this Preston. Just keep your head in the game. Sincerely, all of of us Dolphins’ fans.

P.S. This was too funny not to sure but someone made this and I had to post last week because who doesn’t like a good laugh?

As far as quarterback playing went, both Fitz and Rosen played decent. Fitzpatrick played like I expected and started the game with a few great plays. He played like how he normally starts every year. He’s been in this league long enough and we expect to see some exciting plays from him. How long he will keep it up is the question. Did Josh Rosen play well enough to prove he should be the starter? No. However, I would like to see him start this next game and see how he does. We, as fans, want to know if Josh Rosen has the potential to be a franchise quarterback. I know we’re all tired of waiting and many are impatient. You have every right to be because we spent seven years waiting for Tannehill to prove he was our future. Nobody wants that again, and I don’t see the Dolphins going that route again. I hope they let Rosen start and see how he does. If you missed the game, here is a thread the Miami Dolphins posted of all his passes from his debut game.

What do you think? Should he start the next game this Friday night in Tampa? I guess we will see what Flores does. They Miami Dolphins play again this Friday at 7:30pm against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s Fitzpatrick’s former team (one of many) and it should be interesting to watch how he plays.

Other News

  • The Dolphins will have join practice this week in Tampa. First time since 2017.
  • The Dolphins signed some players and released some.

I know very little about these newly acquired players and will read up on them throughout the week.

If any of you are traveling to the Dolphins at Cowboys game, hit me up on Twitter. I’m going and will be joining up with several other DolFans from all over the country. I always enjoying meeting new, and catching up with familiar, fans. There are a few meetups that weekend and I can pass along any information as well.

That’s about it as far as Dolphins’ news for the past week. I’m hoping I can catch this Friday’s game locally, but if not, I will try to watch for a replay over the weekend and will follow along on Twitter.

Go Dolphins!