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Phinsider Question Of The Day (W/ Live Thread, General Discussion ) 08/01/2019

Carolina Panthers vs Miami Dolphins - September 25, 2005 Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Tonight’s Phinsider Question Of The Day is about a subject that we have covered in the past, well sort of. My previous post was about why one of the greatest Miami Dolphins players to ever play, Zach Thomas was not in the NFL Hall Of Fame. My question to you now is what could we do as a fan base, as a grass roots effort sort of thing to make the hall and more specifically the voters for the hall to stand up and take notice of one of the greatest players to ever play? The guy was too small, too slow, too this or that to be even offered a scholarship at a major collage. Then, despite doing nothing but making play after play after play as a walk on at Texas Tech the NFL overlooked him expect for one Jimmy Johnson.

I still remember watching that draft and the talking heads, or at least one of them, I don’t recall who, claiming that Johnson had lost it and had just wasted a pick on a guy that would never play a down in the NFL. I hope whoever that was sent Zach the greatest I was wrong letter every penned at some point. As a side note I once worked with a guy that played running back for Canyon High School in the panhandle of Texas. They played Pampa once a year. He also went on to play Jr college ball. He once told me that when he was playing that he was only knocked out cold twice, both times on hits from Thomas who he only faced twice and while still in High-school. As another side note, my sister in law is from Pampa Texas and it’s a horrible place but that’s a discussion for another time.

Thomas was never blessed with the God given talent that some of these guys have and that many squander because they are too busy out “making it rain” or whatever. Thomas on the other hand saved most of what he made playing and was the first one at the facilities in the morning and the last one to leave because he did nothing during those moments but study film over and over and over to the point that he would call out the play that the offense was going to run accurately on most plays. Besides the snub of nothing holding a place in the HOF that he deserves I would love to know why the Dolphins have never thought to bring this guy in as a coach to work with the linebackers and teach the guys who truly do care and wish to be the best how to be a pro because no one has ever been better at that part of the game than Zach Thomas. Please give me your thoughts and ideas below!

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