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What to know about the Dolphins and the 2019 NFL Supplemental Draft

Happy Draft Day, Everyone!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 28 Alamo Bowl - Iowa State v Washington State Photo by Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Yes, I posted this yesterday by mistake.

We are now officially 15 days away from the start of the 2019 NFL season, and the smell of football lingers in the summer air. But before training camp begins, we turn our attention to the NFL supplemental draft. Which takes place today at 1 PM EST.

There are four players eligible in this year’s draft; Jalen Thompson, Marcus Simms, Shyheim Cullen, and Devonaire Clarington. However, only two have serious potential of being drafted. Which believe it or not, happens more often than you might think.

Here’s how the draft works, according to the NFL Operations website:

In July, the league may hold one supplemental draft for players whose eligibility has changed since the NFL Draft. A player may not bypass the NFL Draft to be eligible for the supplemental draft. Teams do not have to participate in the supplemental draft; if they choose to do so, they may bid for the player by telling the league the round in which they would like to take a specific player. If no other club bids on that player, they are awarded the player and lose a pick in the following year’s NFL Draft that corresponds with the round in which they were awarded the player. If multiple teams submit bids for the player, the highest bidder is awarded that player and loses the corresponding draft pick.

Unfortunately, there is no Steve Walsh, Bernie Kosar, or Josh Gordon in this year’s lottery. But there are young, talented players that can bring potential and depth to a roster.

And although some teams may already have their 90-man rosters set, Flores and Grier do not. Trust me. Flores continues to preach competition. Which leads me to believe that if there is a player that the Dolphins covet, they will not hesitate to use one of their many 2020 draft picks to acquire their player.

Let’s take a look at the four eligible prospects in this year’s draft.

As previously mentioned, there are two players in this year’s draft that have serious potential of being drafted. And for a team many believe to be depleted of talent, could potentially help the team in 2019 and beyond.

First, let’s take a look at the defensive back, highly regarded as the No.1 player in today’s draft

Jalen Thompson, Safety, Washington State

Projected: Rounds 2-4

According to Tony Pauline, the Dolphins were one of 26 teams to work out the impressive Washington State Safety. He is highly regarded as the top prospect in this draft and could be an immediate asset to a defense in need of a playmaker.

Height: 6’0

Weight: 195-pounds

Hometown: Downey, California

Career Stats: 191 total tackles, 6 interceptions, 23 passes deflected, 2 forced fumbles, and 5 recoveries.

Marcus Simms, Wide Receiver, West Virginia

Projected: Rounds 5-7

Miami’s group of wide receivers might not be as bad as . But that doesn’t mean there’s not always potential to bring in competition. Simms is a talented player, that could work well in O’Shea’s newly installed offense.

Height: 6’0

Weight: 195-pounds

Hometown: Bowie, Maryland

Career Stats: 87 receptions, 1,457 yards, and 8 touchdowns

There are two other players eligible for this year’s draft. However, it is unlikely either will be drafted. So they could be two targets the team shows interest in as undrafted free agents.

Shyheim Cullen, Linebacker, Syracuse

Devonaire Clarington, Tight End, Northland Community College

In the end, no one knows whether or not the Dolphins will use a 2020 draft pick on any of this year’s eligible players. But if the plan is to use five defensive backs more often in 2019, a guy like Jalen Thompson could go a long way. Much like a receiver with Marcus Simms’ skill-set could have potential in Miami’s offense.

Should the Dolphins use a 2020 draft pick on one of these prospects?

Let us know in the Comment’s Section Below.