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(VIDEO) Former Dolphins’ DE Chris McCain wins debut MMA fight

The 27-year old former pass rusherwon his MMA debut by knockout in the second-round

Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins

On paper, the Miami Dolphins still desperately need a pass rusher. And after paging through some of the players that may not have worked in recent years, Chris McCain is one that always stood out. After all, many believed McCain had the potential to be a legit NFL pass rusher-me included. Unfortunately, it never worked out for the now 27-year old pass rusher.

And after bouncing around the NFL with stints in Miami, New Orleans (x2), Dallas, San Diego, and Indianapolis, he went on to play for the Columbus Destroyers in the AFL. Shortly after however, McCain decided to hang up his cleats for a life in the octagon.

Sometimes this career path works and other times it does not. But if McCain’s debut is any indication, his future in the MMA is brighter than ever. Last night at Shawn Merriman’s Light’s Out Fest, McCain made his highly anticipated debut in the Octagon.

Below is a video of how McCain finished the match with a vicious kick, followed by a couple fists to the head.


McCain didn’t disappoint in his debut, and it will be interesting to see where his MMA career takes him. The former defensive end still has plenty of potential, and I know Dolphins’ fans will be rooting for him no matter where his MMA career takes him.

Here’s an article from Pro Football Talk on McCain’s transition to MMA.