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Miami Dolphins training camp stories: The Dolphins’ youth movements hits a FaceApp snag

Our friends over at Turf Show Times asked an important question to their readers this week: “Have you ever wondered what it would like if Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay was 60+ years old?” They then answered this critical question through the assistance of FaceApp, an app that allows you to edit your face and the background in pictures, including adding makeup, changing hair style and color, and more.

And, it can make you look old.

Which made me think, we should ask the same question here, right? I mean, this is key pre-training camp information that you are not going to find somewhere else. So, what do the Miami Dolphins look like old? All pictures are from Getty prior to the FaceApp treatment.

(Yep, I didn’t have an idea for my training camp story today, so this is the fun you get.)

Brian Flores - Aging like a President

Brian Flores is 38 years old as he heads into his first season as a head coach. I am worried that this is not him in his 60s or 70s, but rather at 42 as his Dolphins contract comes up for renewal. You know those images that show a President the day he took office compared to the day he left, and how the job ages him. I feel like that is this picture of Flores.

Ryan Fitzpatrick - The Santa Clause 4

Whenever Disney gets around to making a reboot of The Santa Clause movies, I think Fitzpatrick will be able to replace Tim Allen in the lead role.

John Denney - The Immortal

Tell me this guy would not still be playing football. Or maybe becoming a pirate.

Christian Wilkins - Future Dolphins owner

Whenever Stephen Ross is ready to sell the team, Wilkins looks like he is up for the role.

Kiko Alonso - Still Kiko Alonso

He may be older, but I have no doubt Alonso will still be wearing a shirt exactly like this.

Charles Harris - Let me tell you about when...

Harris is definitely going to sit you down and tell you about how things were back in his day.

Minkah Fitzpatrick - I can still do it

What do you mean I can’t run a 4.4 40-yard dash? You ready to run?

Kenny Stills - Ummmm....

Okay, the app was not all that flattering to Stills.

Laremy Tunsil - The Dad in your new favorite movie

While Ryan Fitzpatrick can be in The Santa Clause remakes, Tunsil can be in everything as your favorite Dad. He has an acting career coming.

Xavien Howard - Climbing the coaching ladder

Howard has definitely found success as a defensive backs coach is probably a defensive coordinator looking for a head coaching position at this point.

Dan Marino - Just because

Just wanted to go grab a young picture of Marino and see how close it was. And that hair is delightful.