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Miami Dolphins 90-in-90 roster breakdown 2019: Laremy Tunsil

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Today we will take a look at on of the most important position on the football field. The left tackle is in charge of protecting their quarterbacks blind side and every team needs a good one. Thankfully the Dolphins have pretty good one in Laremy Tunsil and he still has room to grow.

2018 Review

Laremy Tunsil appeared in 15 games last season and of course started in every single one he was a part of. He just looked like a different player last year after his rough 2017 season, which was his first full year as the team’s left tackle.


Tunsil signed a four year contract worth $12,457,650. Signing bonus was worth $7,260,108 and the entire contract is fully guaranteed. The team also picked up his fifth year option back in April. (OverTheCap)

Why he will progress

Tunsil has steadily improved each season. His false start penalties decreased and he improved in both passing and run blocking last season. He is still very young and the sky is the limit for him at this point.

Why he might regress

Tunsil has yet to appear in all 16 games of a season yet. Not saying he is injury prone as he has only missed 2 games the past two years with minor injuries. But as a star left tackle. the unit needs him out there for every snap on the offensive side.

Chances of making the 53-man roster

100% percent. Lunsil is a star in the making on the offensive line and the new coaching staff thinks very highly of him.