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Dolphins to face ‘revenge’ games multiple times in 2019

Miami Dolphins v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins could face opponents with a little more incentive to beat the South Florida franchise than just coming away with a win. After being fired or traded, players or coaches in these games could look to make a statement, showing the Dolphins just what the franchise lost.

In 2012, the Miami Dolphins hosted the New York Jets in Week 3, a game which featured injuries to Darrelle Revis and Reggie Bush, missed field goals, a blocked field goal in overtime that was negated by a timeout, and a re-kick that led to a Jets win. But, it also featured Tony Sparano running around the Dolphins’ home field celebrating a field goal. Not a fist-pump celebration as he had done so many time from the Dolphins sideline, but a full-on, joy-filled sprint around the field in celebration as the offensive coordinator of the Jets. Sparano wanted revenge that week, and, with that field goal in overtime, he got it.

In 2019, the Dolphins will face the Jets twice, with a just-fired head coach now coaching for the Jets. In this case, Adam Gase is not the offensive coordinator for New York, but rather the head coach. That does not change the fact that twice this year - and probably for every year after - Gase will be looking for revenge against the Dolphins. Remember when he ran up the score on the Denver Broncos? Yeah, he is probably coming into Miami in Week 9 and hosting the Dolphins in Week 14 with that simple revenge thought leading the way.

That is not the only person looking for revenge this year. The Dolphins traded away wide receiver Jarvis Landry, sending him to the Cleveland Browns in 2018. Miami did not face the Browns in 2018, but this upcoming season has the Dolphins in Cleveland in Week 12. Landry holds the record for most receptions in a player’s first five years, and he is just 47 receptions from the mark in a player’s first six years. He is now teamed up with his college teammate Odell Beckham, Jr., and you know Landry will be looking to show the Dolphins they were wrong in trading him.

The Dolphins are set up with several revenge game possibilities this year - but it seems like most of them will be players or coaches looking to get revenge on the South Florida franchise.