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Breaking: Reshad Jones ends our nightmare, reports for minicamp

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Our offseason long Dolphins nation nightmare is over! Reshad Jones has reported to mandatory minicamp. The safety ended his refusal to participate in organized team activities over his contract, or a trade desire, or whatever other excuse someone wanted to write.

Jones did not come to voluntary events this spring. They are...voluntary. As in, he can choose to come or not to come. There was no hold out. He chose to workout on his own and now, as we hit the first mandatory event of the year, he is there. Remember when Ndamukong Suh worked out on his own for the voluntary portion of the spring?

Jones is a two-time Pro Bowl player and believes he is the top safety in the league. Even at 31 years old, Jones is not going to come into the team and not look to keep that level of play. He is going to put in the work away from the team to make sure he is an impact player with the club.

So, can we move on to talking about something else?

Jones reported in shape and ready to play, according to head coach Brian Flores. “I’m really looking forward to working with him,” Flores said on Tuesday of Jones “He was excited and eager to get into meetings and practice.”

Flores said the first conversation he had with Jones did not focus on his role on the defense, where there is speculation that the coaching staff will make Jones earn a starting role with the rest of the defense having a head start in practices this offseason. He told the media that he and Jones spoke about, “coming in, learning the playbook, having good communication, working on your fundamentals and technique.” He added it is the same discussion he has with every player.

“He looks like he is in really good shape,” he added.

When asked specifically about Jones’ role with the team, Flores said, “That could go a few different ways. He’s a guy who has a lot of experience, someone who could play a few different roles. He can play a lot of roles for us, quite honestly.”

The Dolphins will hold their minicamp through Thursday, then break until late in July when the convene training camp.