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Phinsider Question Of The Day (W/ Live Thread, General Discussion ) 06/26/2019

York Giants & Miami Dolphins Training Session Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Tonights Phinsider Question Of The Day is about the NFL’s insistence on sending NFL regular season games overseas each year with the eventual goal of having teams that are actually based out of the country. There has even been talk of taking the Super Bowl overseas. I for one hate these games and the overall concept behind them...which the best I can tell is greed. I am all in favor of any company making whatever they can but not by way of somehow sticking it to their customers. I also do not agree with moving a team overseas except for possibly some of the Canadian markets where the travel time would not be so hard on the players.

My main objection to the current system is that most every NFL team has or will eventually ask their local governments to cough up huge amounts of money for new stadiums or for the updating of the current stadium. These are huge investments that these cities make to lure and or keep a team in their city or county and all of this for only a guaranteed 8 games a year. Sure, most stadiums are used for other events but it’s still all about keeping that NFL team or I should say the NFL teams owner(s) happy. This also sticks it to the local fan who buys season tickets. Why should they have to miss a game because the NFL wants someone to go overseas? Just seems as if the NFL could not give a crap about the fans with this concept and are only chasing dollars.

Besides losing the one game a season for some teams the concept of a team say located in London (the one place always mentioned in expansion overseas) would be a killer for some teams and especially the team located overseas. Even if they say played their 8 home games first and then relocated to the states to attend all of their away games how does that even begin to work out for the first eight weeks when 8 different teams have to travel across an ocean to play? I just don’t see how they can make this work efficiently but I suppose when there is money on the line someone will always figure it out. So, after all my bluster, where do you fall in this argument? Do you think these two things are a good idea or terrible for either the NFL or the fans or both?

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