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Phinsider Question Of The Day (W/ Live Thread, General Discussion ) 06/19/2019

NFL: Miami Dolphins-Minicamp Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Tonights Phinsider Question Of The Day is do you see wideout Preston Williams making the Miami Dolphins final roster for this season? Some so called “experts” claim that he comes with first round talent but of course due to his off the field issues was neither invited to the combine or drafted. Assuming that both of the former had happened due to him never having any off the field issues I doubt anyone would be questioning his chances of making the roster but for whatever reason when a team has nothing invested in the player draft pick wise it changes the whole way everyone looks at a player, including teams. Of course they will be watching for the kid to keep on the straight and narrow but given all that you do know up to this point do you expect him to claim a roster spot this year?

As well as this almost nightly post serving as the Phinsider Question Of The Day post it will also serve as a live thread meaning that pretty much anything is up for discussion so long as you to follow all of the site rules. If you are, for whatever reason, not aware of or need a refresher of the sites rules please check the “library” tab under the “more” tab at the top of the front page. The page not only has all of the sites rules but also has a ton of good tips to make your blogging experience here much more enjoyable or at least more smooth.