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Miami Dolphins 90-in-90 roster breakdown 2019: Mike Hull

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The next edition in our annual 90-in-90 series takes us into double digits of players highlighted. Each article in this series is a look at one player of the Miami Dolphins’ 90-man preseason roster, starting with a look back at his 2018 performance. Then we take a look at the player’s contract, as well as reasons he may progress this season, as well as reasons he may regress. Then we take a look at the odds he will make the regular-season, 53-man roster.

Our first nine players have been Jonathan Woodard, Shaq Calhoun, Kalen Ballage, Eric Rowe, Mike Gesicki, Kendrick Norton, Maurice Smith, Albert Wilson, and Wes Farnsworth. This morning, we add linebacker Mike Hull.

2018 Review

Hull began the 2018 season on the injured reserve list with a knee injury. He was activated at the end of October, appearing in the Dolphins’ final eight games of the year, with one start. He recorded nine tackles on the season.


Signed a one-year, $895,000 contract this offseason; Salary cap number $735,000 (via

Why he will progress

Health will be a big factor to an improved season for Hull. He has be a solid linebacker for the team when they have needed him and he is a good special teams player. He is entering his fifth season and just turned 28, but he is playing under a defensive minded coach now, so he could continue to develop as a depth linebacker.

Why he might regress

He is entering his fifth season and just turned 28, so, even playing under a defensive minded coach now, he could have already reached his peak. He hit the free agent market this year, then re-signed with the Dolphins for the veteran minimum. He is a solid player, but solid can only get you so far.

Chances of making the 53-man roster

He probably makes the 53-man roster as depth at inside linebacker and on special teams, given the team re-signed him this offseason. If he is on the roster, he will probably see playing time throughout the year as the team rotates players during games. The Dolphins looking to play more 3-4 makes it harder to anticipate exactly how they will fill linebacker roles until we see them on the field this summer.