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Caption This!

I have zero issues with our new quarterback’s spine being manipulated during drills.

NFL: Miami Dolphins-Minicamp Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

“Caption This!” is a game where we try to be funny. Give the funniest caption. That’s it. If you like someone else’s caption, be so kind as to give them a REC. (If you don’t know how to REC something, please ask!) Most REC’s win.

(Please remember site rules. Innuendo = good; profanity = bad.)

Who cares if the Miami Dolphins brand new quarterback has the infamous “red jersey” on? Let’s punch him in the back with a giant inflatable orange crayon!

Welcome to the 2019 Dolphins off-season, where anything goes, although there have been fewer arrests than in years past. Aaaaaaaaand, I’ve now jinxed that so be prepared for John Denney to get caught in a Fortnite sting where they’ve been snorting Adderall all night to play for 24 straight hours.

Let’s take advantage of the off-season doldrums and hit us with your favorite caption down in the Comments Section!

NFL: Miami Dolphins-Minicamp Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

My entry:

  • Josh Rosen: “Dude, will you stop saying tiger uppercut every time we do this drill?”

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