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NFL Network to replay 1994 shootout between the Dolphins and Patriots tonight at 8 PM EST

Today, we celebrate the veterans who have lost their life to protect our freedom. And we celebrate those who continue to fight and serve our country. Thank you!

Happy Memorial Day, folks!

After you’re done drinking a bunch of beers and eating yourself into hibernation with family and friends. The NFL network has the perfect dessert to finish your holiday off in style.

That’s because tonight at 8 PM EST, NFL network will be re-airing the Miami Dolphins 1994 season opener vs the New England Patriots. And for those that don’t remember, Dan Marino throws for 5 touchdowns, as the two teams combine for nearly 1,000 yards offensively.

Last year, I did a quick film breakdown of Marino’s incredible play vs the Patriots in 1994. The link to that article can be found HERE, and could be a good resource as you pre-game in anticipation for tonight’s match up.

In the end, this game was a historic day for most of us as Dolphins’ fans. It was Marino’s first game back after suffering a devastating Achilles injury the year prior. And had he never recovered from this injury, the history of Miami’s franchise would be significantly different.

And let’s be honest, any time there’s a chance to watch the G.O.A.T Dan Marino throw a football - I’ll be there. And i know you will too.

Be safe and enjoy your Memorial Day.

And afterward, don’t forget to tune in to the NFL Network at 8 PM EST to watch Dan Marino take on Drew Bledsoe and the 1994 Patriots.