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Which non-American country would you move the Miami Dolphins to if the NFL forced it?

To all the men and women who lost their lives in service of our country: you are not forgotten!

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing is as American as taking over the world, and in the spirit of the NFL conquest to do just that, they have asked one of the savviest-run NFL organizations to lead the conquest to taking over the global football market. The NFL has asked the Miami Dolphins to begin operations in another country.

You have been chosen to lead the search committee for our new home outside of any US territory. Where do you start looking?

If you’re like my dad and own lots of denim, the thrill of whipping out the Canadian tuxedo on a semi-regular basis might be too much to pass up, eh?

The Dolphins have played the 2nd most games in London (tied with the Oakland Raiders, and behind the six games played by the Jacksonville Jaguars), maybe the organization has already began dipping their toes in the water?

Perhaps you’re a fan of beer and meat, and Germany makes sense. Even though NFL games are played in the middle of the night in China, perhaps the allure of a country with 99% of the world’s population is too much to pass up.

Apparently everyone is happy in Scandinavian countries and everyone is pretty good looking, maybe there? South America may have its sights on soccer, could they be persuaded to embrace American football? Talk about good looking people and A+ food.

I’m choosing Ljubljana, Slovenia: part of my wife’s family is from the Slovenian capital, people drive on the interstate in the correct way, good beer and food, and a supportive culture. Beaches, mountains, rural life and open space, cities and tourism. Slovenia has a taste of everything, and the perfect new home for the Miami Dolphins.


The NFL forces the Miami Dolphins to move the team out of the USA. Where do you start looking?

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  • 44%
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  • 35%
    (273 votes)
  • 3%
    (30 votes)
  • 15%
    South America/Africa/Australia
    (123 votes)
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What’s your choice, fam? Where are you setting up the Miami Dolphins historic franchise outside of the United States?