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Biggest ‘What If’ in Dolphins history

Miami Dolphins v New Orleans Saints Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

A couple of days ago, our old friend and former contributor to The Phinsider Ryan Yousefi posed at the Miami New Times an article looking at the “Five Biggest “What If’s” in Miami Sports History.” He also asked Twitter for more Miami sports “What Ifs.” Of course, my thoughts were immediately on Miami Dolphins ‘what ifs.’

There is an obvious number one (and two?) for the Dolphins, so I am going to take that away from your answers. The ‘what ifs’ surrounding Drew Brees are not allowed to be used - because everyone would answer those. What if the Dolphins had drafted Drew Brees? What if the Dolphins had signed Brees in free agency rather than trade for Daunte Culpepper?

See, now you cannot answer those.

Yousefi gave two Dolphins “what ifs” in his article, “What if the Miami Dolphins had drafted Randy Moss instead of John Avery?” and “What if the Dolphins drafted Matt Ryan instead of Jake Long?

I answered three on Twitter, “What if Duante Culpepper’s knee returned to full health?,” “What if Ricky Williams had played every year?,” and “What if Jake Long’s body had not broken down?

Now, what are your Dolphins “what ifs” and why?