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Weekly Fan Reactions to Miami Dolphins Related News and other NFL Topics

NFL: New York Giants at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday Dolphins fans! If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, like myself, you may be starting your day off a little annoyed by the season finale last night (based on my Twitter feed). It looks like I’m one of the few who actually enjoyed the finale, but either way it’s over and at least you can enjoy all the memes that are circulating because of it. Speaking of memes and Game of Thrones, let’s discuss what all happened over the past week since my last article, because a picture tweeted by Houtz perfectly describes my reaction to news from the last week.

AFC East Related News

It was about five days ago when all our phones buzzed with notifications that the Dolphins’ former head coach Adam Gase, current head coach of the NY Jets, was promoted to interim Jets’ GM. Pretty sure this was Gase’s reaction to the news (wonder if he even saw the memes that circulated because he claimed last year he didn’t have social media accounts ***major eye roll***).

This right here was my reaction when I heard the news.

Did you all get a good laugh at the news again?! Yes, I have no problem admitting I was an Adam Gase fan until I wasn’t a fan, especially towards the end of last season when he basically acted like it’s his way and everyone else was wrong. I know our Miami Dolphins have been a hot mess over the past several years, but I feel like we’re finally on the right track and the Jets, well, it’s the Jets. Like stated here in this tweet, just let this sink in.

I just know I will enjoy watching what unfolds with them over the next few months, but until then I will definitely enjoy all the memes, GIFs, and related tweets. Let’s be honest, we fans know how Gase can impact an organization/team.

So much confidence.

Anyways, I’m sure this is what it’s like in during meetings there anyways.

Alright, I’m moving on, but you know I had to share reactions because why not?! It’s off-season and any little bit of football related news to make you laugh should be shared.

Throwback Logo

Did anyone else wipe a bit of drool off their face when they saw these beauties pop up a couple days ago?

Oh yes, they are happening and we fans can’t be more excited. I don’t think I saw one negative tweet about the news of their reveal. They are just gorgeous! That white throwback jersey is just perfection. I was undecided if I would be attending the Dolphins home game against Patriots, but this changed my mind. By the way, they are available for purchase.

I may need to buy a jersey, but which player would be best? So many decisions. Speaking of jerseys and logos, there was some chatter going around about which Dolphins’ logo was not a fan favorite. Here was a poll created by Houtz about which logo (cartoon vs current) is better.

I personally am way more of a fan of our current than the cartoon one. I know stating that will get me some hate comments on this article, but it’s cool. I’m not the only one though, because there were a few who agreed.

What say you fans? Which of the two are your favorites?! Feel free to discuss in comments below. Also, I am not quite sure if the Dolphins will ever go decide to keep the throwbacks as a permanent logo. If it was a possibility would you approve?

I like our current logo, but if we could make these permanent I wouldn’t fight it.

OTAs and Other News

I don’t have much to say about the OTAs other than second week started today. They practiced today, will practice tomorrow (open to media) and again on Thursday. They have another three days next week and then a mandatory minicamp first week of June. I follow what I can see on Twitter and/or Dolphins website, but mostly my newsfeed is clips of drills etc. It’s cool to watch some of the drills and get excited, but at the same time it’s very early. I want to see how the summer goes, before I start forming conclusions on how players may perform.

Since this is a slower time of year and it’s my first off-season summer writing, I may try to write some pieces over the summer that dig into the personal side of players. Maybe do a little digging and give some backstories on some of our newly acquired players from the Draft. Just some ideas I have been thinking about as I plan what all to discuss over June/July. I will still be updating about any fan related news and/or discussion on Twitter as well each week.

Hope you all enjoy your week and this upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend. As always, go Dolphins!