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Jets name former Dolphins’ HC Adam Gase as interim GM


New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Adam Gase never lived up to the hype, during his three seasons as head coach of the Miami Dolphins. And although it wasn’t a a complete failure (one playoff appearance), it was nothing like fans expected when they hired Stephen Ross’ ‘Young Don Shula.”

So with a career 23-25 record, there was absolutely no way another NFL team would hand him the keys to the franchise, right? Not this quickly, right?


Earlier this offseason, the Jets made Gase their head coach for the foreseeable future. And shortly after the signing became official, the rumblings of disconnect and drama within the organization, began to leak.

As we all know, the Jets made a ton of big signings this offseason-with the two most notable-C.J Mosley and Le’Veon Bell.

They also drafted one of the best players in the draft in Alabama defensive lineman Quinnen Williams.

Things appeared to finally be headed in the right direction for ‘gang green’ . And then, something that many believed was inevitable happened.

Earlier today, the Jets released former general manager Mike Maccaganan.

But who would possibly takeover as the Jets general manager in the meantime? No way they would hand the reigns over to a guy that failed miserably in Miami, right?


According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Gase will take over immediately as the Jets interim GM.

Maybe, just maybe Gase will figure things out. But based on his last stop in Miami and the very little success he has had outside of Peyton Manning, the odds are against him.

However this ultimately plays out, it’s a good day to be a Dolphins’ fan.