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Phinsider Question of the Day: 5/13/19 - Open chat

Seattle Seahawks vs Miami Dolphins Photo by Eliot Schechter/Getty Images

Unfortunately, James was unable to get tonight’s Phinsider Question of the Day post scheduled, which means all of you are stuck with me tonight. Tonight’s question is, “What do you see as the Miami Dolphins’ biggest 2020 draft need?” Included in that is probably a decision on if Josh Rosen is the quarterback for the Dolphins, as well as some other younger players panning out. So, where do you think Miami is looking early in next year’s Draft?

The Question of the Day is a chance for us to get your thoughts on the Dolphins. Sometimes the question may be about the team itself, while other times it may be random things about being a fan. You never know what we are going to throw at you.

This post also will serve as an open chat thread, letting you discuss anything you want - inside the site rules - with your fellow fans. Have fun!