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Caption This: Throw Your Best New York Jets Shade

Thank you to my boy Josh Houtz for capturing this image!

So the NFL Network team decided to have a wake ‘n’ bake session on top of ingesting helium canisters and computer duster to formulate a show called, “Let’s pretend like the New York Jets will be good.”

In this segment, they arrived at the conclusion that the New York Jets will finish the 2019 NFL season with a 13-3 record.

I remember when I had my first beer, and the Jets still sucked.

Do me a favor and roast this prediction as vehemently and unprofessionally as you possibly can (without violating site rules, which might be hard for some of you LOL).

Yes, the Jets have added Le’Veon Bell after his one year hiatus, as well as CJ Mosley to help bolster the defense.

However, Adam Gase is coaching. Dowell Loggains is too, as are other people who have surrounded Adam Gase in previously unsuccessful ventures. I hope Jets fans know what a bubble screen is — if not, they’ll know intimately by Week 3, if they have enough functioning brain cells remaining after leaving the radioactive waste of New Jersey, that is.

What do you got Phinsiders? Leave it down in the Comments Section!

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