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The Miami Dolphins are doing some good things

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Hello fellow DolFans. I’m back with all the fan reactions, tidbits, and Twitters news that filled my newsfeed over the past week as related to our Miami Dolphins. It’s off-season and the Draft has come and went, so definitely not as exciting news, but some good things did happen over the past few days.

Howard Extension

By now, as you already know, the biggest news of the week was the Miami Dolphins extending Xavien Howard’s contract. I was not expecting that little bit of joy on Thursday evening, but you better believe I screamed and jumped up and down (I was at a dinner party and people stared at me oddly but I’m used to it) when I saw the news pop up on Twitter.

How happy were you all when you heard the news? If you were like me, you’ve been waiting all off-season for the Dolphins to extend his contract. Howard made it known he wanted to be paid. We, as fans, know and have witnessed too many talented players walk away and flourish with other teams. Many of us are still not over Wake leaving and I’m still sad we lost Ju’Wuan James as well. Those two stung a bit, but I’m dealing with it. However, I would not have been okay nor confident in our “rebuilding” if the Dolphins let Howard slip away. You did good Grier. Thank you! Check out this thread on Twitter if you want to get a good laugh at some of comments from Patriots’ fans about the Howard extension.

I always enjoy seeing Patriot fans a little annoyed by our team. Anyways, I think my buddy Paul Picken summed up my feelings about what Grier is doing with our team.

The future is looking bright for once.

Other Signings

The Miami Dolphins singed ex-Bills veteran OT Jordan Mills last week. I’m a fan of this as well. He is an experienced player and only cost $3.5 million for a one-year deal. Here’s what Flores had so say about the signing as quoted from Omar.

The Dolphins also signed several other tryout players. Here’s a link to some of those if you want to check any of them out.

Here’s what Barry Jackson had to say about the Mark Walton signing.

Upcoming Games and Other Twitter Chatter

As the 2019 season approaches us, I’m going to be sharing information for upcoming events/games for those fans who may be interested. As many of you know the DolFans NYC Group will be hosting their 10th Anniversary of the MetLife Takeover in New Jersey. It’s supposed to be EPIC! That being said, I think I will make the trip this year. There may be a few of us from The Phinsider (Houtz) attending as well, based on my replies from my tweet.

Everything you need to know will be posted on their website/Twitter, but I will also update you all as well. I have been once, a few years ago, and it was a blast! If you can attend one away game this season, this one may be one of the best to attend.

Speaking of Jets, the other best game to attend will be the home game against the Jets. The Miami Dolphins have hosted an “Away Fan Club Weekend” since 2014 (The Chargers at home 37-0 was the first). Each year, for one home game, typically around October/November, several hundred Dolphins’ fans from Dolphins’ clubs around the world get invited to attend a home game for a discounted price. Typically there is a group rate for a hotel, an invite to a pre-game party the night before, a group tailgate, discount group seating at game, and a group photo post-game on the field. My local fan club, The Atlanta DolFan Club, and NorCal Fan Club are the two main groups who help host/set up all the events for that weekend. Several people have reached out on Twitter and are planning on joining us for the game. I will be posting information as I receive it on Twitter, but if you plan to attend that home game I encourage you to join us. It’s becoming one of my favorite weekends of the year, because it’s several hundred fans from all over the world getting together. It’s always a great time whether our team wins or loses.

Last bit, as far as Jets related. Did you all see this?

I think someone possibly indulged a bit too much of some edibles. I mean, don’t see us doing well this season (rebuilding and all), but the Jets being that good? I got a good laugh out of that too.

I want to also wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing mothers out there! I hope you get spoiled with love and pampering today because you deserve it.

Until next time DolFans...