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Clint Clearwater’s 2019 Miami Dolphins Draft Class Recap

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Well, the 2019 NFL Draft is officially behind us. I thought the Dolphins did quite well in this draft. I love that we addressed DT early, added a starter in Deiter and a potential starter down the road in Prince. My main complaint about what we did in this draft is the fact that we didn’t address our pass rushing need. I know, for me at least, there weren’t a lot of guys I would have pounded the table for in the middle rounds of this draft (DE -wise) but it just worries me that Charles Harris is our top DE. I really like the Van Ginkel pick but Joe Jackson would have been quite tempting at that point in the draft. DE remains a major need for this team.

I am going to be quick about the Josh Rosen trade – I am very lukewarm about it. He’s a natural passer that has high potential to be a franchise QB. The fact that we gave up a second round pick for that alone is unbelievable. I think he’s the best arm we have had in south Florida in a long time. That said though, I am intoxicated by next year’s QB class and the year after that as well. I would love to be able to grab Tua from Alabama, I am on his bandwagon. I said I would be quick, so I’ll stop before this turns into a rant. It’s still too early for me to give my opinion on Rosen. He’s got a natural arm and I was very high on him in last year’s draft. If you would have come to me last year and tell me we could have him for a late second round pick, I’d laugh at you. So, that said, Rosen is a good addition, and I am very, very excited to see him this season. Lets hope he turns into a franchise QB.

So, now that I got that out of the way, here’s my thoughts on the 2019 Miami Dolphins Draft Class.

Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson

Wilkins is a A+ pick here in the first round. I hate draft grades, so I am hesitant to use that wording, but I am pretty confident I know what type of player Wilkins is. People rave about his work ethic, leadership, and just the overall type of person he is – which is always super encouraging to hear. Obviously, I don’t know these kids, I have never met any of them, I just go off film; (which is a very big part of scouting), but what type of person these guys are is equally important – especially when it comes to investing a draft pick on them. With that said, Wilkins is a safe pick for me. I know his film; it’s very, very good. He’s not a generational type player, but I’d say he’s got potential to be a perennial Pro-Bowler for years to come. I like this pick a lot, Wilkins will be an immediate starter at a big position of need for us.

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Michael Deiter, OL, Wisconsin

I love this selection, I mean I know I am not the first to say this – you almost know what you’re getting when you draft a Wisconsin offensive linemen. Deiter fits that bill – 54 consecutive starts, including starts at LT, G, & C, tough player, fantastic run blocker, tries to finish blocks off with pancakes, good hand use, plays smart…..he checks off a lot of boxes. Deiter has said that he prefers interior OL but will play tackle if asked – there’s where I am concerned. I think he’s an immediate starter at guard, but I do have doubts about him playing RT – mainly because of pass protection. I am not saying he can’t do it, I just would be a little concerned. Overall, love this pick, not a flashy one but a solid pick on a guy who could be a 10 year starter for us.

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Andrew Van Ginkel, LB, Wisconsin

Van Ginkel is a versatile player that I think will play a couple different roles for the Dolphins. First off, I think he’s a developmental guy, I think he plays special teams this year and possibly minor roles in certain situations on defense. So, I think he’ll need some time before we really can expect much from him but I love the potential. Off his film, I love that I notice him when I am scouting other players. He’s not a stud player with elite measurables, but he just plays football – I really like that. He works hard for what he’s got – started his career at University of South Dakota, then to Iowa Community College before getting to Wisconsin. He’s worked his way up, and I have no doubt he can work his way into an important role for the Dolphins. I think he’s a good tackler, always around the football, can move in space, good awareness, can offer up some pass rush, and can play with a little nastiness in his game. Again, I think the Dolphins drafted pretty well this year and the Van Ginkel pick is no different.

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Isaiah Prince, OT, Ohio St.

This is probably my least favorite pick – but to be fair, this is an area of need and it’s the 6th round. Also, Prince’s potential for a 6th round draft pick is fantastic, and before I get into why I am not thrilled about this pick, I love the fact that we got a team captain at a major school, who has 41 consecutive starts, has good size, and is well coached …… in the 6th round. I think he’s a pretty good pass blocker, can move quickly, decent kick slide, can play with a little nastiness to him, able to get out in front on screens, and shows a good motor getting to the second level. I don’t like his overall consistency though, he has the talent to be nasty and finish blocks but he does not do this every game. I saw him lose his balance too much for my liking, footwork needs improving, and run blocking needs to be more consistent. He also plays too high, thus losing many battles against bull rushers. Look, overall, in the 6th round Isaiah Prince is a good pick. He’s got talent, and he’s got potential to turn into your starting right tackle. If that happens this is a phenomenal pick.

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Chandler Cox, FB, Auburn

Cox was the player I knew the least about in our draft class. I think this is an interesting pick, that being he’s not a typical fullback. He’s played RB, TE, WR…. He’s a very versatile type player. I love his toughness, I think he’s a good blocker, even playing with a mean streak at times. I am still getting to know this guy, but he looks like a team first, I’ll do whatever your ask coach type guy, who could make this team and contribute in a variety of ways. I look forward to seeing him compete.

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Myles Gaskin, RB, Washington

Gaskins is the definition of consistency rushing for 1,302, 1,373, 1,380 & 1,268 yards over the last 4 seasons. He’s clearly been a highly productive back, capable of catching passes, good cutting ability, good vision and shows pretty impressive patience with the ball in his hands. I like his quickness; he’s not overly fast but he can get to top speed quick. I was also pretty surprised to see him handle himself in pass protection. I like his potential, especially for a late round guy, but he’s a smaller back that has a lot of miles on his tires. I am also (along with Cox) excited to see these guys compete and I think they both have shots to make this team.

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Undrafted Prospects

Preston Williams, WR, Colorado – big, tall, fast WR with a domestic violence off the field past that includes harassment and tampering along with the domestic violence charges. He’s a talented guy that has all the tools but comes with baggage. Off the field issues aside, he’s got the look of a starter, possibly a star in the NFL. However, I see inconsistencies that trouble me on film. At his size too, I’d expect him to be better at winning contested passes. Overall, as long as he stays out of trouble he could be a steal as a undrafted FA.

Ryan Anderson, OL, Wake Forest - High effort guy, good job latching onto defenders, decent hand use, can get to the second level; however, tape isn’t overly impressive – needs to drive better, loses his anchor at times, off balance at times as well, and needs to improve his awareness to blitzers.

Terrill Hanks, LB, New Mexico St. - Hanks is a tough tackler, who’s got a good motor but is an average athlete with average change of direction speed. He is inconsistent with shedding blocks and I have my doubts with asking him to drop into coverage. However, he does bring a little value rushing the passer, and playing different roles in the second level. He’s also got an aggressive side and can deliver good hits. Overall, I think Hanks has his limitations but could be an asset in the right role.

I know we have signed more undrafted guys, but these three are the only ones I really feel comfortable covering right now. I don’t know enough about the others to give an educated scouting report. Thanks for reading guys, lets go Dolphins.