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Dolphins winning game of chicken with Cardinals

MTV TRL With The Rock, Bruce Willis And Christina Milian Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images

UPDATE: Josh Rosen traded to the Dolphins! More here

The Miami Dolphins and Arizona Cardinals are locked in an epic staring contest, a game of chicken over draft picks and quarterback Josh Rosen. So far, the Dolphins are refusing to blink.

The Cardinals were originally looking for a mid-first round selection in return for trading away their 2018 tenth-overall pick. Quickly realizing they were not going to get back that kind of return, especially after making Kyler Murray the first-overall pick and watching every team other than the Dolphins who might have interest in Rosen select a quarterback of their own, Arizona focused on a second-round pick. They took their stand at the 48th overall pick for Miami, and the Dolphins have not been willing to acquiesce.

The Dolphins then traded the 48th pick to the New Orleans Saints, receiving back the 62 pick, still a second-round pick that could be used for Rosen.

Miami is winning this staring contest. We will see if anyone finally blinks and a deal can be completed. Miami wants a quarterback. The Cardinals want to move on from Rosen. There should be a common ground, but for now, Miami is not going to blink.