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Dolphins only team in talks with Cardinals

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins were included in a list of several teams believed to have interest in trading for quarterback Josh Rosen if the Arizona Cardinals selected Kyler Murray with the first overall pick last night. When that pick happened, speculation increased that Rosen would be traded some time during the night - but a funny thing happened during the other 31 picks of the first round. Every team that could be competition for the Dolphins picked a quarterback.

And now, it appears the Cardinals are trying to find leverage to use against the Dolphins. According to NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport, the Dolphins and Cardinals are continuing to have discussions about a Rosen trade, but nothing seems to be imminent. Rapoport believes the Cardinals - who yesterday were reportedly looking for a mid-first-round pick for Rosen - are asking for a second-round pick to land last year’s 10th overall selection.

If the Dolphins are bidding against themselves, there is no reason they have to capitulate to those demands, however.

Why should the Dolphins give up a prime draft choice just because the Cardinals asked for it? Miami needs to call the Cardinals’ bluff. There are still quarterbacks available in the Draft. The Dolphins do not need Rosen. They would like to have him to see if he can become a franchise quarterback on, what would essentially be, a one-year rental. If he shows that potential, the Dolphins keep him. If he does not, they move on and draft a quarterback next year.

If Arizona does not want to make the deal - and as Rapoport says in the video above, at this point it appears the options are Miami or no one - then let them keep Rosen. There is no reason to overpay for the supply when you are the only demand.

Rapoport also reported, Rosen has unfollowed the Cardinals’ Instagram and Twitter accounts. It appears the second-year quarterback is ready to move on from Arizona.

Now, the Dolphins need to just hold strong and not overpay for Rosen, and the Cardinals need to realize a second-round pick for a quarterback you are trying to dump is an asking price way too high.

UPDATE: The Cardinals seem to be pushing hard to get the 48th overall pick from the Dolphins, but Miami is not likely to give up that pick just for Rosen. According to the Miami Herald’s Adam Beasley, the Dolphins would “likely need a fourth back from the Cardinals” if pick 48 is going to be involved. Miami likely would prefer to trade pick 78, their third-round choice, to Arizona if this deal is going to happen.